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Welcome to Sportaholic Preposterous! We are a sports blog dedicated to giving you an interesting and different take on the world of sports and entertainment. Like so many of you, we are tired of reading the same old takes when it comes to sports entertainment and felt that we could produce a blog and website that attracts a different breed of sports fan. We will not cover anything but the major sports, gambling on said sports, and other funny stories that you actually want to hear about. We will stay away from the political nightmare that the mainstream sports media wants to suck you into. We are truly the average sports blog for the not so average fan. We will deliver content that truly reflects that motto. We encourage our readers to reach out and tell us the sports news that you want covered and what you don’t. It’s about time a sports blog concentrated on what you the reader and consumer wants.

We will talk shit, we will leave room for us to be criticized and blasted for some of our extremely cold takes, but most of all we will have fun and expect the same enjoyment experienced by our readers. Welcome to the next generation of sports coverage.

Please feel free to like our page and follow us on Twitter and Facebook. @sportaholicprep


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    1. We can certainly look into. I need to find someone that likes to write about golf first. I’ll cover the big stuff like the us open, masters etc. But I need a someone that really follows it to cover it on a daily basis.


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