Sports Gambling Picks, Coming Next Week

Many of you will be watching some form of football this weekend.  And whether it’s College or Pro, a lot of you will be looking to place some action on those games. Some of you might know what you’re doing and feel educated in your picks, but most of you will be placing bets in a reckless and degenerate fashion and by the end of this weekend will be questioning the meaning of life. (Don’t worry you can always make it all back on Monday Night)  And that is why Sportaholic Preposterous is proud to announce that starting next week we’ll be here to help you with all your gambling needs. We’ll inform you on what picks we love and advise you what to lay your hard-earned money on, and also which games to stay away from like a bad case of herpes.  We’ll provide insight and coverage that will put you in the best position to have a successful weekend and make it to Monday without having to refinance your home and crying yourself to sleep.

We will provide picks on all major College and NFL games, along with over/unders, parlays, and smart teaser plays for that week. All of our picks will be provided on Thursday nights by 7PM ET before the start of Thursday Night Football and will be subject to change as lines move throughout the weekend.



For college games, we will be gathering our picks from College Football insider Mike Fabian (@mike_fabian13), who so far this season is a remarkable 8-2 on his locks of the week. Mike will provide his locks and other picks, his stay away games, and other insight to make you a winner-winner chicken dinner bettor every week in the world of college football.


For NFL games, we will rely on Ricky “The Bookie” Jones who will have insight into some of the largest sport books across the country.  Ricky will provide that insight to you, the degenerate gambler, so that you can make your picks based on where the money’s coming in that week and who Vegas views as the best bets for their pockets that weekend.  Ricky “The Bookie” Jones is clearly not his real name, and for legal reasons he will stay anonymous. But we couldn’t think of a better NFL betting insider than the guy who sees where the money’s coming in across the board to help you with those ever-so-difficult NFL games.


As this thing grows, we will also begin to provide MLB, NBA, and NHL picks, along with occasional WNBA parlay for you true degenerates out there.  In the near future, we will strive to provide these picks in the form of podcast/video, so keep an eye out for that as well. We look forward to helping you make some money this season and to helping those of you already in the hole turn it around and make this your most successful season yet.

chicken dinner

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