NFL Week 3 Picks, Make Yo Self Some Money this Weekend!

Week 3 of the NFL season is upon us, and after the first two weeks NFL favorites are 19-11-2 against the spread. Picking NFL games is as hard as ever especially early on in the season so that’s why we’re here to help. This is our first post containing our weekly picks brought to you in conjunction by myself and Ricky “the bookie” Jones along with his sidekick, Hesh “the degenerate”. Ricky will provide the picks based off where he sees the money coming in, and how the sharps are viewing this weeks match-ups. Hesh will provide insider info, like how he knows Philip Rivers knocked up his wife again for their 11th child, and so he likes the Chargers this week. Or how a certain kicker likes to party and do cocaine when in Miami, so fade that team this weekend. And I’ll give you a brief analysis of said picks because Ricky doesn’t write so well. (That’s what happens when you drop out in the 9th grade and start a sports book). 

Also at the bottom we will give you a parlay play of the week for you true degenerates out there, along with the locks of the week you should hammer. Added as well will be the the picks from Sportaholic Preposterous’ own Mike Fabian and Paul Liacos. We will keep a running tally all season and see if Michael and I can “beat the book” when it comes to picking games this season.



Jets @ Browns: Thursday Night 8:20 PM ET: Browns -3

Darnold and the Jet’s struggled against a tough Miami Dolphins’ defense last weekend, things won’t get easier traveling to the Dog Pound in Cleveland. The Browns finally win their first game in 21 Months but they don’t cover. The book likes the Jets +3 



Bills @ Vikings: Sunday 1:00 PM ET: Vikings -16.5 

The spread is huge and usually you take the dog with the spread like this, but the Bills are on pace to be historically bad. You shouldn’t pick them in any game this season unless it’s a table breaking contest: Vikings cover -16.5



Giants @ Texans: Sunday 1:00 PM ET: Texans -6 

The book likes the Giants to rebound this week after an embarrassing performance on Sunday night against the Cowboys. Texans have looked shaky so far this season with a 0-2 start and Bill O’Brien will soon be on the hot seat after this game. 🚨UPSET ALERT🚨: The book likes the Giants to win outright in Houston 



Packers @ Redskins: Sunday 1:00 PM ET: Packers -3 

The Packers are a sub par at best road team, the book sees this as a close game and anticipates Alex Smith catching fire and pulling out a huge win at home in a rebound from last weeks stinker against the Colts. 🚨UPSET ALERT🚨. Skins’ win outright 



49ers @ Chiefs: Sunday 1:00 PM ET: Chiefs -6.5 

Sexy ass Jimmy G waltzes into Arrowhead and slangs the rock all over the field against a Chiefs secondary that has looked terrible thus far. Mahomes falls back to reality and throws a couple picks. The book likes 49ers +6.5 



Raiders @ Dolphins: Sunday 1:00 PM ET: Dolphins -3 

The book likes the Dolphins this week in the most unwatchable game of the weekend. Phins move to 3-0 on the season, and Gruden starts hearing the Grumors about himself after this loss and the Raiders fall to 0-3:  Dolphins cover



Colts @ Eagles: Sunday 1:00 PM ET: Eagles -6.5 

Book sees this as a closer game than people think, Carson Wentz in his first game back will struggle early against a surprising Colts team led by the reemergence of Andrew Luck. Eagles rally and win by a field goal late: Colts +6.5 



Titans @ Jaguars: Sunday 1:00 PM: Jags -6.5 

Jags coming off a stellar performance at home will do the same thing this week against the Titans and prove they are now top dog in AFC. The book likes the Jags in a blowout over a Titans team that has played very inconsistent and may be without Mariota who will most likely be a game time decision this week.  Jags cover 



Bengals @ Panthers: Sunday 1:00 PM ET: Panthers -3 

The book likes the Panthers at home in this match-up of dominant big cats. Carolina forces 2+ turnovers and that should be all its takes at home. Cincinnati, without Joe Mixon suffers first loss of the season. Panthers cover 



Broncos @ Ravens: Sunday 1:00 PM ET: Ravens -5.5  

Ravens play great at home, Chase Daniels struggles this week against a Ravens defense that rebounds from a disappointing performance in Week 2. Baltimore blows out the Broncos at home. The book likes Ravens to cover



Saints @ Falcons: Sunday 1:00 PM ET: Falcons -3 

Rivalry game this week in an AFC south match-up of two preseason favorites in the NFC. Game could go either way and Vegas sees the money coming in early on the Falcons. Matt Ryan and that offense are tough to beat at home. The book likes Falcons to cover



Chargers @ Rams: Sunday 4:05 PM ET: Rams -7 

Rams are the best team in the league and it’s not even close at this point. The book has the Rams running away with this game early on and the Chargers struggle to move the ball all day against a loaded defense. The book likes Rams to cover



Bears @ Cardinals: Sunday 4:25 PM ET: Bears -6 

Chicago might have the best defense in football after the Rams. Cardinals have looked atrocious thus far this season and Sam Bradford may end up in the morgue when this game is through. In a low scoring game the book likes the Bears to cover



Cowboys @ Seahawks: Sunday 4:25 PM ET: Seahawks -1.5 

Seahawks offense looked horrible against the Bears strong defense last Monday night but the book has them to finding a way to win this game late on a field goal against a Dallas team coming off a big win at home against the Division rival Giants. The book likes the Seahawks to cover. 



Patriots @ Lions: Sunday 8:20 PM ET: Patriots -6.5 

Patriots bounce back big time in Detroit after a terrible performance last week in Jacksonville. The Pats in the Belichick era rarely drop 2 games in a row. Won’t matter that they’re facing their old DC in Matt Patricia. Brady has a GOAT performance. The book likes the Patriots to cover 



Steelers @ Bucs: Monday 8:15 PM ET: Steelers -1 

Steelers look like a team in turmoil with Antonio Brown skipping a day of practice this week. Bucs’ are coming off a crazy hot start and the crowd will be jumping for the first time in a while on Monday night in Tampa Bay. Fitzmagic continues his hot start and makes Jameis Winston reminisce about what his career could have been if he didn’t have the makings of a presumed sex offender. The book likes the Bucs’ +1

Parlay Play of the Week: Money Line – Skins’, Falcons, Rams, Bears, Ravens

Locks of the week: Ravens -5.5, 49ers +6.5, Bears -6

Fabian’s Picks:

Browns -3 (Homer Pick), Bills +16.5, Giants +6, Packers -3, Kansas City -6.5, Dolphins -3, Eagles -6.5, Jags -6.5, Panthers -3, Broncos +5.5, Falcons -3, Rams -7, Cardinals +6, Seattle -1.5, Patriots -6.5, Buccaneers +1

Locks of the Week: Jags -6.5, Rams -7, Seahawks -1.5

Pauly Yacos’ Picks: 

Browns -3, Vikings – 16.5, Texans -3, Packers -3, 49ers +6.5, Dolphins -3, Colts +6.5, Titans +6.5, Bengals +3, Ravens -5.5, Falcons -3, Rams -7, Bears -6, Cowboys +1.5, Patriots -6.5 Bucs’ +1

Locks of the Week: Patriots -6.5, Bears -6, Bucs’ +1


Tune is next week to find out who’s picks were absolute trash, and who comes out on top. Along with an entire breakdown and picks of Week 4 NFL games.


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