Sixers’ Markelle Fultz Actually Learns How to Shoot?

In a video released today by the The Players Tribune it appears that the 76ers second year man and 1st overall draft pick a season ago Markelle Fultz, may have fixed his broken ass jump shot that was so highly criticized last year. And while this may be a case of NBA offseason workout video hype, considering he’s just shooting wide open threes and this video is conveniently edited to show all of his makes, it certainly gives the Sixers’ and their fans cause to get excited. Especially considering his jump shot looked uglier than Jimmy Butlers face last season and was one of the worst shots I’ve ever seen from an NBA player, nevermind the 1st overall pick that the Sixers traded up to get. I mean we haven’t seen anything this bad from the free throw line outside the likes of big centers like Shaq and Ben Wallace.


I hate to shit on Fultz because I think he has boatloads of talent and can become a premier PG/Scorer in the NBA. He’s got incredible handles and has proven the ability to get to the rim anytime he likes, using a combo of his speed and quickness. This video will hopefully bring a little ease to Sixers’ fans that watched Jayson Tatum and the Boston Celtics dismantle their team last year in the playoffs. The same Jayson Tatum they could have drafted instead of Fultz, and now would now have a premier shooting threat to go along with Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid. Fultz was a healthy scratch during that series, while Tatum led his team to within a game of the NBA Finals averaging 18.5 ppg on 47% shooting throughout the playoffs. Trader Danny Ainge works in mysterious ways my friends.

The Sixers come into this season predicted to be the 3rd or 4th best team in the East. Many say they got worse this offseason by losing key reserve players Marco Belinelli and Ersan Ilyasova who averaged a combined 24.3 pts per game last season and were some of the more reliable three point shooters on the team and were able to surround another troubled jump shooter, but terrific distributor, in Ben Simmons. They missed out on the Lebron and Kawhi sweepstakes, much to the dismay of their fans, who had visions of themselves at Broad Street parades each June for years to come. They did beef up the defensive side of the ball with signing players like Wilson Chandler and Mike Muscala but it remains to be seen if they will provide anywhere close to the same production that they lost over the summer. But if Markelle Fultz can step in this year and provide the Sixers with his  athleticism and scoring ability and also shoot a decent percentage from the floor, (no one expects him to ever be a great shooter) it will help prove to the league why he was selected 1st overall instead of the second coming of the baby-faced assassin (Tatum) that landed in Boston. If that can happen than I like the 76ers and Celtics to be battling it out this year again in the playoffs with a possibility that they are competing for a spot in the NBA finals this time around. Simmons for all his shooting woes, is the freak top 5 NBA talent we thought he was, and Joel Embiid is maybe the best big man in the league with his ability to shoot, pass, and play the post. There’s no way those two don’t carry any team in the league to a top 3 seed in the Eastern Confernce at the bare minimmum. Throw in a healthy and productive Fultz, and that Broad Street parade might just happen sooner than they think in Philly.

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