Weekly Florida Man Story: Man Shoots Up Home After Occupants Leave Bad Facebook Review at his Restaurant.

First off, this is the first of a weekly segment we will be adding to the blog of “Florida Man” stories. You know, the ones that typically describe a most likely extremely methed out resident of the state of Florida, committing some sort of unbelievable and absurd crime. The story on the news always starts with “A Florida Man…” For more clarification watch this video. And since we are based out of Florida we thought it would be a fun little segment to add for all our readers.

ORLANDO, Fla. – A Florida man was arrested Thursday evening, 10 days after he allegedly shot up a home after one of its residents complained about an experience at a restaurant, the Orange County Sheriff’s Office said.

On Aug. 20, deputies were called to a home after Norman Auvil, 42, of Orlando — riding in an SUV driven by Michael Johnson, the restaurant owner’s son — shot the home three times before Johnson drove away, according to an arrest report.

The report said one of the bullets pierced a window, narrowly missing the head of Kenneth Walley, who was watching television in the living room.

On Aug. 19, Walley’s wife, Diana Walley, had been denied service at the Daybreak Diner, so their daughter, Monica Walley, called the diner and spoke with several workers about her mother’s visit, the report said.

Monica Walley said that she left a negative review on Facebook after her disabled mother was denied service on her birthday. She said the restaurant workers were “unnecessarily rude.”

Listen I’ve been in the world of starting a business here recently, and I’m a little more reasonable than Normal Auvil of Orlando, FL but I completely understand his frustrations in this case. He’s just trying to open up a restaurant and create a business for himself and his family and someone comes along and trashes his livelihood on Facebook just because you didn’t have handicapped seating. (which I’m pretty sure is required by law.)

We’ve all been there before when someone says something negative or straight up talks shit about you, sometimes you have to just suck it up and deal with it and move forward, other times like good ol Norman did, you just have to do a drive by shooting on said persons house. And while I would have probably handled it in another way, I can understand Norman’s rationale which must have been that if he lets one person trash his restaurant than all the other locals will think they can get over on him and start getting free shit because he has a 2.3 Yelp rating. Before you know it your only serving half priced blue bird specials to the elderly community because they don’t go online and check reviews before selecting a restaurant.

My favorite part of this story other than luckily no one actually got hurt, was the fact that it was Norman’s son Michael who was the driver of the vehicle. Only in Florida are drive-by shootings considering a family bonding experience. I’m sure its right up there with teaching your kids how to create their first meth lab in the garage and learning how to wrangle an alligator with your bare hands. Family traditions die if you let them, and I’m sure that’s what Norman was thinking here. Well anyways, I’m sure they will both have plenty of time to bond in a prison cell moving forward, and I’m sure Monica Walley who was the women that left the nasty review, will think twice before she pulls out her phone after her next unpleasant restaurant visit.

By the way while your here feel free to review us on Facebook. But just remember that if it’s a negative one, I do currently live in Florida and you have been made aware of the consequences.

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