Jimmy G, Goes Down with Broken Knee

Late in a game that saw the 49ers trying desperately to make a comeback against the Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs offensive juggernaut, we saw Jimmy Garoppolo leave the game with an apparent non contact knee injury.

Tough to see something like that happen to a guy trying to prove himself as a Franchise quarterback and especially one that just signed a a five-year, $137.5 million deal.  Jimmy G had shown some flashes today of what many across the league saw last year during a 5 game stretch that saw him lead the 49ers to a 5-0 record to end the year. Many in San Francisco where having dreams of their next Joe Montana leading their team back to the Super Bowl, possibly as a dark horse this season.

That dream unfortunately seems to be over, at least for this year. Although we have not gotten a formal diagnosis yet, anyone with a brain can tell that is a ACL tear and clearly with all the reports coming out since, the 49ers believe that to be true as well. It’s a unfortuate turn of events for Jimmy but he should be able to bounce back next season with this 49ers team a little more experienced and have a shot at a NFL title for years to come.

The thing that bothers me about this play and I’m sure what Jimmy himself is thinking about right now is why in the world didn’t he just go out-of-bounds? The non contact cut he made was right into a defender that he had no chance of getting by. That’s certainly not something he learned from TB12 because Brady would have either gone out of bounds or slid down about 5 yards before that. (And probably drawn a 15 yd penalty for someone breathing on him).

This was my main concern when everyone was on the Jimmy G hype train last year and to begin this season. I had serious doubts about this guy being able to stay healthy. He’s not a big dude and the way he plays opens himself up to take big hits either in the pocket, where he will hold to ball long enough to make the right throw, or by scrambling out to run where his body clearly can’t take the toll of a NFL talent bearing down on him and laying the hit. Just look at the play he got injured on 2 years ago when Kiko Alonso put a hit on him that resulted in a shoulder injury.

Even thought yes, he did take a huge hit on this play, and in 2018 that might be a roughing the passer penalty, (Smh) he needs to be more aware that his body is not made to take that kind of beating.

Well the upside for Jimmy G is he is still the sexiest QB in the league and will have more time to date porn stars now that he will no longer be playing football this year. Sort of a lose-win situation. But for his sake and that of the league we hope to see him back out there spinning it next year because he is one of the young talented QB’s that will carry the NFL into the next decade.

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