New Captain takes the wheel, as Canes open ACC play

At the sound of the last whistle from Saturday’s contest between the Miami Hurricanes and Florida International University a bitter taste was left in the mouths of many Canes fans nationwide. The final score was 31-17 in favor of “the U” but they ended the game looking extremely poor on offense and defense. Now granted it was the last contest before ACC play. And because of that I am certain the coaches wanted to see what they were made of going forward more than learning nothing in the course of a 60 point blowout. Because of that the second half was filled with 2nd and 3rd string players and the score ended up too close for comfort. It was a game you should win by 50 against ex skipper Butch Davis who is doing better than to be expected at FIU, but overall the performance was not to the level of Miami standards. Simply put, it just didn’t feel great to see the final score on the board.

There was however a major change that took place during the game. Mark Richt finally pulled Malik “sucksass” Rosier out of the game! Yep you heard it right, Mark finally grew the balls, and in went the red shirt freshman N’kosi Perry! He truly had the look of a dual threat QB that can help this Canes’ team win big games this year, and maybe many more for years to come. With another standout in Jalen Williams as a true freshman I am actually excited about our QB play going forward. I can only hope and pray that Perry will take over the starting spot moving forward and that he turns out to be as good as advertised and keeps improving. For now anyone besides Rosiers’ sorry ass will do!



Some feel bad with Rosier being a 5th year senior and having a decent year last year, but College Football is about winning, not making everyone happy. As for all you “Cane” fans who feel bad for him. Please STOP! We won in spite of him last year and he is still holding back the program. Glad to see Coach Mark Richt and company heading in a new direction. His next best decision might be to remove himself as the play caller as most have not been a fan. We will leave that for another day….

Nonetheless the season goes on. Now Going into Thursday nights game against the University of North Carolina. As of now Coach Richt isn’t naming a starting QB which is smart because this will make UNC prepare for both possible options. Also in the Canes first ACC game they are looking to get back All-American receiver Ahman Richards. This  would be a huge addition to an already talented group that has already provided 11 total TD this season for the team. This is a game between two teams who have been hard to figure out this year. Since Miami joined the ACC they have had a tough time beating UNC with some bad upset losses, and tight wins. This is a UNC team who lost by 50 to ECU, but beat Pitt the next week. Then there’s a Miami team who was blown out by LSU Week 1, but who I truly believe has the look of a completely different team today. How good or bad is either team? In all honesty the Canes should murder the Tar Holes in Miami, we are far more talented, the game shouldn’t be close, but it doesn’t always workout so simple.

Canes team

Some main things to look for would be, can Miami keep the defense off the field with some long drives? Can the defense play tough and be a spark plug for them on a weekly basis? Also most the most obvious question. How will the offense look with Perry behind center? The whole country will be watching to see how the Canes do with it being a Thursday night nationally televised game.

I’ll leave with you all with a few things I have in mind. If we have a chance in hell of a solid season or any hope of the making the College Football Playoffs than Perry has to look good, like Heisman esque good.  I also want to see us put a full game together for once, and dammit get some more turnover chains! WE NEED THE SWAG. Lastly, we have the field goal kicker, and punter in college football for fucks sake, get up Scrubs!! The only decent news is that backup punter Spicer will now take over for Feagles.

CHain 3

That being said I love them Canes and it’s “All about the U“. Let’s hope the Canes have their full “swagger” and confidence as each week from here on out is a major test now that we have enter the wild world of ACC play.

Lets gooooo Canes!

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