Tiger Woods Wins The Tour Championship!!! HIDE THE WAITRESSES!!!

Admittedly I didn’t watch a ton of this today because duh, football was on. But Tiger tour champWoods who had been in the lead for the Tour Championship all weekend shot a 1 over par 71 today to keep the lead and hold off a charging  win his first tournament since 2013, and more importantly he answered the age-old question of “is Tiger back” with and emphatic YES HE IS BACK. He managed to not have one of his famous collapses while leading this tournament and that proved a lot to people who thought he could no longer handle the pressure of being in the final group on Sundays. He stayed calm and composed and although he didn’t play his greatest golf today, he didn’t let it get away from him. He hung tough and proved that he still should be considered one of the top golfers on this planet who can be a threat to win at any given time.


It doesn’t matter if you’re a causal golf fan like me, or one of those golf snobs that will call you out on the course for not taking a stroke when you sneeze the wrong way, regardless it is awesome to see Tiger back at the top of his game. This just caps off a season where we saw him legitimately compete all year long and not get hurt/quit when things got tough for him. In the British Open, and now today he has delivered two top 10 performances in the quote unquote “Majors” now that the PGA is trying to make the Tour Championship its 5th major. Either way this is a huge moment for a man who has dealt with years of questions on whether he would ever return to the once magical player that played golf better than any human in history from 1996-2008. Will he ever return to that level of greatness? The betting man would say no, but who knows, he is only 42 years old and we still see Phil Mickelson out there competing at 48 and its pretty clear that he doesn’t take care of his mushy body the same way that Tiger does, back surgeries and all. So realistically I think if this continues that Tiger has a shot to play at a very high level for at least the next 3-4 years and if he continues to play like this then anything is possible. Including a far-fetched chance of catching Jack Nicklaus’ record 18 major championships.

That all remains to be seen but tonight Tiger celebrates and when Tiger celebrates you know what that means. No Denny’s waitresses is safe. Tiger has got the swag back and when he gives them the old classic Nike catchphrase (just do it) they won’t be able to resist.

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