NFL Top Ten Power Rankings: Week 4

In this weekly blog, we will keep an updated list of our Top 10 NFL teams based off power rankings. We will only do the top 10 because just like any other sport, if your team is not at the top, than who really gives a shit about you. Without further ado, here are our teams

Rams 4

1. L.A. Rams (3-0)

The monster that is the LA Rams showed up big again this past weekend, winning the loser leaves town match-up over the LA Chargers 35-23. They proved why they deserve to be at the top of these rankings for a second straight week. Goff looked amazing and settled himself in position to be a possible MVP candidate with 354 yds passing along with 3 TD & 1 Int. Gurley went for 105 yds, 5 rec 54 yds and a tuddy in the win. The combo of Robert Woods, Brandon Cooks and Cooper Kupp looks to be one that cannot be slowed down at this point and will draw huge matchup concerns for opposing teams all season. Despite the fact both starting cornerbacks Aquib Talib and Marcus Peters left the game with injuries it seems this defense is good enough to compete without them if they miss serious time. This Rams team might be the most talented overall group we’ve seen in the NFL in the past 5 years. Look for them to stay on top moving forward.

Chiefs Logo

2. Kansas City Chiefs (3-0)

OK, that’s it. Patrick Mahomes is not of this earth. He is a goddamn alien that came down to take over the NFL and will be the greatest QB ever in the history of the universe. Seriously though, I don’t know how else you can explain what this kid is doing. He’s completing 66.7 % of his passes and has thrown for 896 yds and 13 TD in the first 3 games. Oh and 0 INT. I would say again that there’s no way this can last but I’m starting to think otherwise. And even if he does drop off a little bit he would still be a Top 5 QB right now. With options like Tyreek Hill, Travis Kelce and Sammy Watkins to throw the ball to he looks set to stay on this hot start even with a tough AFC West matchup next week vs the Denver Broncos. My only concern still is the Chiefs secondary, which has continued to get shredded and has allowed 1,127 Yds passing against them already this season. But hey, if Mahomey (he needs to adopt that nickname asap btw) can keep playing like this does it even matter how trash the defensive backfield looks? I tend to think not.

Jags Logo

3. Jacksonville Jaguars (2-1)

The Jaguars looked pitiful in what was hands down the worst game to watch of the weekend. I don’t think the 9-6 loss to the Titans even made it on the Red Zone at any point on Sunday. With that being said, it was an AFC South game and regardless of either teams record those games are usually very close and very unwatchable. The Jags tough defense did only allow 9 pts so we can’t be very critical of them for this performance. It was Blake Bortles and the offense who fell back to earth after a spectacular performance last week against the Patriots. Regardless, Jags still boast one of the best defenses in the league. If Bortles can get them at least 20 pts they should be in a position to win every single week and be in position to win the AFC come January. They do however need to take care of their division opponents in what looks to be a rather weak AFC South once again this year.

Eagles Logo

4. Philadelphia Eagles (2-1)

The Eagles bounced back against a Colts team that looks to no longer be the cupcake game on the schedule they were last season. It wasn’t pretty, but the Eagles showed resilience and pulled out the 20-16 win. Wentz looked to get off to a slow start which was to be expected. I expect him to return to form here shortly and will position the Eagles nicely for a deep playoff run again this year. We saw the defense deliver a stellar performance that provided glimpses of the top 4 defensive unit we saw a year ago. As a team overall we have seen them get off to a sluggish start to the season but look for that to change moving forward. Don’t be surprised if they don’t drop out of the Top 5 of these power rankings for the rest of the year.

Dolphins Logo

5. Miami Dolphins (3-0) ▲▲▲

Ok, Ok, I got some flak for not putting the Dolphins on this list last week, and with them being one of the three teams still remaining undefeated in the NFL I almost had to put them up into the Top 5. Even if the rest of the country isn’t convinced they are the real deal yet. With a 28-20 win over the Raiders at home this week they have set themselves up at 3-0, leading the AFC East, and going into maybe the biggest game in franchise history since Bob Griese was taking snaps. A game where they possibly have a chance to dethrone the New England Patriots from their grasp over this division for the past 9 seasons in a row. Tannehill looked like a competent NFL quarterback last week and the defense continues to look strong. If they can take care the Patriots in New England this weekend look for them to be a mainstay on these rankings moving forward.

Saints Logo

6. New Orleans Saints (2-1) ▲▲▲

The Saints made a major jump in this weeks power rankings after a couple mediocre weeks to start the year. They outlasted the Falcons in an overtime shootout that was the best game to watch of the weekend. Brees threw for 396 yds and 3 TDs and ran a couple in as well, one with spin move that would impress Kyrie Irving, and the second one to win the game in OT. Alvin Kamara is a freak, racking up a ridiculous 15 receptions on the day and Michael Thomas and Brees continue to be the best QB-WR combo in the league. The Saints lost a shootout to Tampa who look to be at least somewhat for real, and won a close game over a talented Cleveland Browns team. Not exactly the dogshit early season schedule it seemed to be before the season started. I would look for them to continue their success and be a threat to win a very deep division (as you’ll see in these rankings) in the NFC South.

Pats Logo

7. New England Patriots (1-2) ▼▼

The Patriots looked awful on Sunday night against a Detroit Lions team that many were predicting to be one of the league’s bottom feeders after Week 2. They were thoroughly embarrassed the entire game and Brady and the boys never really got anything going. Why you may ask are they still in the Top 10 this week? Because you can’t count them out until they’re officially dead, and that’s something that cannot be determined 3 weeks into the season. They have a colossal game at home this week against a 3-0 Dolphins team and with a loss it could put them 3 games back in the division already. Can they rebound and show the league the King of the North is yet to give up the throne? We’ll find out against the Fins this weekend.

Panthers Logo

8. Carolina Panthers (2-1) ▲▲

The Panthers looked good against a tough Bengals team and used their running game featuring young stud RB Christian McCaffrey to expose their fellow Big Cat opponents all day long. McCaffrey ran for 184 yds on 28 carries and looked worthy of being a top ten pick in last years draft. Cam Newton looked pedestrian at times but was deadly as always in the Red Zone and made plays when it counted. I really like the style in which these Panthers play, they refuse to get into a shootout and would rather grind it out and rely on their talented defense to make big plays. It’s a style we’ve seen them have success with in the past and look to keep it going moving forward.

Vikings Logo

9. Minnesota Vikings (1-1-1) ▼▼

The only team with a bigger let down performance than the Patriots this week was the Vikings. Coming in as heavy favorites at home (-16.5) they got completely manhandled by a Josh Allen led Buffalo Bills team that before Sunday looked to have the makings of a historically bad team. You could write it off to a fluke performance for a team that many had as Super Bowl favorites in the crowded NFC, but whatever it was they will need to rebound quickly as they have a looming Thursday night matchup with a juggernaut LA Rams team. If the Vikings can find a way to knock off these Rams in LA then we may see them quiclkly jump right back up to the top of these rankings.

Falcons Logo

10. Atlanta Falcons (1-2)

The Falcons are the only team besides the Rams that didn’t make a move in this weeks rankings. While they lost a shootout to their division rival Saints, they showed that this team is never to be taken lightly on the offensive side of the ball and are never short on new weapons with the emergence of rookie wide-out Calvin Ridley (7 Rec, 146 yds, 3 TD). The Falcons have been riddled with injuries on defense, and it was clear that they missed star LB Deion Jones along with S Ricardo Allen. They may need to outgun teams all season long but they certainly are built to do so.

Hope you enjoyed, check back next week for an update to the Weekly Top Ten.

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