NFL Week 4 Picks, Make Yo Self Some Money this Weekend!

Last week in the NFL was one of the wilder weeks in recent memory. It certainly wasn’t a great week for your boys here at Sportaholic Preposterous, especially for your boy Pauly Liacos. Either way, we will all be looking to bounce back heavy this week and this is our total records after last weeks stinker.

Bobby “the book” Jones & Hesh “the degenerate”: 8-8

Mikey Fabian : 8-8

Pauly Liacos: 6-10 ūüė¶¬†

Without further ado here are our picks for NFL Week 4


Texans (0-3) @ Colts (1-2): Sunday 1:00 PM ET РLine = Colts Р1 

It’s an AFC South matchup so we know this game will most likely be close. Andrew Luck has looked good to start the year, but the 0-3 Texans are due for a victory. Expect the first big game of the year for Deshaun Watson. The Book likes the Texans


Bills (1-2) @ Packers (1-1-1): Sunday 1:00 PM ET РLine = Packers -10 

Bills shocked the world last week by manhandling the Vikings who were heavy favorites going in. They were the biggest underdog to win by more than 7 points in the last 40 years. Packers are a much better home team though, Rodgers bounces back and Josh Allen plays like shit 3+ INTs, The Book likes the Packers to cover 


Bucs’ (2-1) @ Bears (2-1): Sunday 1:00 PM ET – Line = Bears -3

The Bears boast one of the top defensive units in the NFL and will face a Red Hot Bucs’¬†offense that looks to have Ryan Fitzmagic still starting. Will this be the game the clock officially strikes midnight on the NFL’s current cinderella story? The Book thinks so. He likes the Bears to cover.¬†


Dolphins (3-0) @ Patriots (1-2): Sunday 1:00 PM ET – Line = Patriots -7

Patriots have looked terrible thus far while the fins are 3-0 coming into this huge AFC East matchup. Brady is 129-24 lifetime at home. You can’t call the Patriots dead until someone kills them. The Book likes the Patriots to cover¬†


Lions @ Cowboys: Sunday 1:00 PM ET – Line = Cowboys -3

The Lions are coming off a resounding win over the Patriots and look to have confidence coming in. Dallas on the other hand can’t seem to move the ball on offense and we could see Jason Garrett on the hot seat if things continue. The Book likes the Lions¬†


Bengals @ Falcons: Sunday 1:00 PM ET – Line = Falcons -3.5

Both teams coming off tough losses last week. The Falcons will put up points at home and this game will be all about if the Bengals can keep up. AJ Green should play but will most likely not be 100%. The Book like the Falcons to Cover. Also hammer the Over


Jets (1-2) @ Jaguars (2-1): Sunday 1:00 PM ET – Line = Jaguars -7.5

Jags fell back to reality last week in a tough loss to the Titans. The AFC South is the worst division in terms of unpredictability, so we don’t expect that to happen again. The Jags defense will come to feast on Rookie Sam Darnold. The Book likes the Jags to cover¬†


Eagles (2-1) @ Titans (2-1): Sunday 1:00 PM ET – Line = Eagles -3.5

Both teams pulled out tough scrappy games last week. Mariota should be another week healthy and ready to make plays. Eagles defense will have something to say about that though. Wentz in his second week back will remind everyone why he was an MVP candidate last season. The Book likes the Eagles to cover.

Browns (1-1-1) @ Raiders (0-3): Sunday 4:05 PM ET – Line = Raiders -2.5

The Baker Mayfield era has begun and will bring newfound confidence to a talented Browns team. The Raiders look to be a team that can’t get out of their own way. Gruden has the Chucky face on most of the day. The Book likes the Browns.¬†


Seahawks (1-2) @ Cardinals (0-3): Sunday 4:05 PM ET РLine = Seahawks -3 

The Cardinals will start Rookie Josh Rosen this week. The good news for Rosen, Seattle’s defense doesn’t eat up young QB’s like they used to. The Seahawks aren’t a safe bet away from home and their 12th man. The Book likes the Cardinals¬†


Saints (2-1) @ Giants (1-2): Sunday 4:25 PM ET – Line = Saints -3

Saints looked spectacular last weeked in overtime win over Falcons, but they are historically good in domes and relativley average on the Road. Giants seem to be turning it around. Expect big games from Odell and Saquon Barkley against a soft Saints defense. The Book likes the Giants 


49ers @ Chargers: Sunday 4:25 PM – Line = Chargers -10.5

Are the 49ers hopeless without Jimmy G? CJ BeatHard might have a good pornstar name but does he have the goods to keep up with a Chargers team that will put up plenty of points against a pitiful Niners D? We don’t think so. The Book likes the Chargers to cover

Ravens (2-1) @ Steelers (1-1-1): Sunday 8:20 PM ET – Line = Steelers -3

Steelers seemed to bounce back last Monday after an ugly start to the season. They will face their perennial AFC North rivals in the Ravens this Sunday Night. Look for a rough and rugged game as per usual in these matchups. The Book likes the Ravens 

Chiefs (3-0) @ Broncos (2-1): Monday 8:15 PM ET – Line = Chiefs -4

Mahomes looks unstoppable, it’s hard to believe anyone in the NFL can slow him down right now. But Mile High is never an easy place to play for opposing Quarterbacks, just ask Tom Brady. It’s hard to believe but the Broncos could actually take the division lead in the AFC West with a win in this game. We don’t that will happen but it will be close. The Book likes the Broncos¬†

The Book’s Locks: Cardinals +3, Giants +3, Falcons -3.5

Parlay Play of the Week: ML Eagles, Browns, Jags, Patriots, Falcons 


Fabian’s Picks: Texans +1, Bills +10, Bears -3, Patriots -7, Cowboys -3, Bengals +3.5, Jags -7.5, Titans +3.5, Browns +2.5, Chargers -10.5, Seahawks -3, Giants +3, Steelers -3, Chiefs -4

Locks of the Week: Browns +2.5, Cowboys -3, Chiefs -4

Pauly Liacos’ Picks:¬† Colts -1, Bills +10, Bears -3, Patriots -7, Lions +3, Falcons -3.5, Jags -7.5, Eagles -3.5, Browns +2.5, 49ers +10.5, Cardinals +3, Saints +3, Ravens +3, Chiefs -4

Locks of the Week:  Browns +2.5 , Patriots -7, Chiefs -4 

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