Patriots Enable Their Fans to Keep Talking Shit For At Least 1 More Week

With a convincing 38-7 win over the 3-0 Miami Dolphins today in Foxborough the New England Patriots gave myself and many others a gleeful afternoon of football after a week of questions surrounding the team and whether this was the end of the dynasty. Obviously it is not the end, which is good news for me personally. As a Patriots fan I have been able to talk shit to pretty much every fan of any other team in the NFL for the past 18 years, (except for a couple, fuck you Giants and now Eagles fans) but this week I was having mini panic attacks thinking that this could be the time where the shit talking ends. People might start telling me my team sucks and before you know it I’ll have to agree with them because its true, sort of like being a Cleveland Browns or Jets fan.

You see I was 11 years old when the Patriots won their first Super Bowl in 2001, I’m old enough to remember they were not always good but not old enough that I can’t completely erase any memories of anything before Tom Brady. I mean the Patriots have been and elite franchise for 2/3 of my life. Them being good is really the only consistent thing I’ve had in my life. That’s why watching the Patriots demolish the fins in Foxborough today was so satisfying. It reminds me of my childhood, its like Grandma making you hot cocoa when you go to her house, just makes you feel better and that all is right in the world. It’s like knowing if your life falls apart you could always go home and Mommy would take you in and get you back on your feet. That’s what Brady and Gillette Stadium are to my Patriots fandom. They are my obnoxious NFL fan safe space. They got my back because they know I’m not ready to deal with 18 years worth of shit talking karma to blow up in my face.

I’m not dumb I know the Patriots will not be this great forever, just like Grandma won’t live forever either, (RIP Nana & Gma) but until that day Tom Brady and Bill Belichick will have my back and remind the league that don’t call this dynasty dead until they are 6 feet deep!

Full Recap to come LFG!



Photo Credit: The Boston Globe

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