Rivalry Renewed, Yankees vs Red Sox ALDS

Ok, so admittedly just like a lot of you, I’m not a hugeee baseball fan until October rolls around and the games really mean something. It’s really not my fault though, Baseball has done probably the worst job of any of the Major Sports leagues in transitioning their sport and how its covered to align with the instant gratification millennials like myself. The seasons are too long, there isn’t enough action, and typically we know who is going to be in the playoffs or at least the marquee teams by the All Star Break. It all doesn’t make for a compelling regular season that can draw my attention like other leagues such as the NFL or NBA. Butttt that all changes come October, all it takes is for their to be one game that scratches my sports fan itch for compelling action and it typically happens in the newly formatted Wildcard games. There is so much pressure all packed into those games that it makes for must watch TV, and when I watched the Rockies vs Cubs game that went into extras on Tuesday night my Baseball fandom awoke from a deep slumber and will be awaken for at least the next month.

With the Yankees winning their wildcard game in convincing fashion last night it renewed maybe the biggest rivalry in all of sports, Red Sox vs Yankees. Believe it or not the last time these two teams matched up in the Playoffs was 2004. I thought that must have a typo when I first read it but it really has been 14 years, it speaks to why this rivalry has simmered over the last decade. You might remember that 2004 series, as a Sox fan I sure do, the Red Sox came back from down 3-0 in the ALCS and shocked the world by beating the Yankees in an unprecedented comeback that we will most likely never see again. The Sox went on to win their first World Series since 1918 and that Red Sox team will forever go down in Boston folklore as the team that finally ended their misery. All at the expense of those goddamn Yankees, which made it that much sweeter.

But that was then, and this is now. No one remains on either team from that 2004 series and the only place a true hatred still exists is in the hearts and mind of the respective teams hardcore fans. The casual millennial fan like myself still remembers that hatred but it never truly burned inside of me like it did for my parents generation that saw the Yankees crush our World Series dreams in countless postseasons over the years and be renown as the premier franchise in Baseball, while their Red Sox were always viewed as the loveable losers that always found a way to break their fans hearts.


This can ALLLL change however with one heated or closely contested playoff series and is why I am so g’damn excited for this series. The Sox have been the best team in baseball this year, but the Yankees may be the hottest team coming down the stretch. It has all the makings of a classic back and forth series that will have everyone on the edge of their seats and remind us why October baseball is some of the greatest live sporting events to partake in. I will certainly be dusting off my raggedy Red Sox cap and rocking that bitch daily here moving forward, along with talking shit to every single one of my Yankee fan friends all while acting like I’ve been invested in this team all season. I haven’t, but it doesn’t mean I don’t have the passion to see Boston remain as the city of Champions, a title it rightly deserves.


So let me just leave you with a little trash talk for those Yankees fans that might read this. Let me remind you again of 2004, Nomar was better than Jeter in their respective primes, Big Papi is the greatest player in the history of this rivalry and shit all over your highly touted reliever Mariano Rivera, Sox have won 3 titles since 2004 and the Yankees just 1 with cheating ass Arod, Fenway is the best ballpark in the history of baseball, the new Yankees Stadium is like fucking Disney World, designed for your team to have a billion Home Runs every year, and last but not least your still the evil empire and everyone still fucking hates you, THE YANKEES SUCK IS BACK!



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