College Football Week 6 Picks: Upset Week

We are off to another week of College Football and another chance to break .500 on the year for betting. The bright side is the spreads are becoming smaller and smaller, so the top ten teams are finally giving me a chance to pick legit games. On the year I am looking at a subpar 10-14-1 record. With one magical week I can look like a hero. So, without further ado I bring to you, my week six College Football picks.

#1 Alabama @ Arkansas-Saturday 12 PM

For the past two weeks I gave into the Crimson Tide and deemed them as Gods of the spread covering every game they’ve had. The past two weeks they have screwed me royally. Am I willing to go back to betting against them with their matchup verse the Razorbacks? Not a God Damn chance. I am going to continue to Roll Tide and lay down the 35 points given to me and pick Bama to come out big in this stellar SEC matchup of David vs. Goliath.

#19 Texas vs. #7 Oklahoma-Saturday 12 PM

Texas fans hate me at this point judging I have picked against Texas every week so far. How has that faired out for me well they’re 2-3 so far. You know who is tied with them at 2-3 this year, the Sooners. I have zero faith in the Sooners defense. It’s Red River Rivalry. Last year against a way better Sooners team the Longhorns kept it close losing by only five. I say it’s the same thing this year. Give me those seven points and I am going to Hook Em’. I am half tempted to even throw out the points and take the money line. I don’t believe “Texas is Back”, but I think they can get back on the right foot and shock the nation with a win.

Kansas @ #9 West Virginia- Saturday 12 PM

Have you ever been to Morgantown on a Saturday? There is a 100% chance you will be flashed and passed out drunk by the time the 3:30 games kickoff. I am going to lay down the 27.5 points being given to me and roll with Mountaineers. Will Grier lights up the defense and the scoreboard. Mountaineers are 4-0 this year ATS.

#4 Clemson @ Wake Forest- Saturday 3:30 PM

I remember not too long ago I stamped my name of approval on the Demon Deacons to cover at home verse Notre Dame. Boy was I wrong. The Demon Deacons are 1-4 ATS this year, but you know who is tied with them? The Clemson Tigers. Now there has been so much chatter about the Clemson team this year especially in relation to the College Football playoff. I have bashed them and bashed them and bashed them. I am going to ride with the Tigers this week to get to peak performance even with Trevor Lawrence coming off injury and lay down the 20.5 given to me. BUT if Trevor Lawrence is deemed not playing ride high with the Demon Deacons.

#5 LSU @ #22 Florida- Saturday 3:30 PM

This has upset potential written all over it. Gainesville, October, not the same Gators who fold all the time. Their one loss came at the hands of Kentucky who is having a monster truck year. The spread is 2.5 and that is a perfect spread for me. I am going to roll with the Gators. They’re 4-1 ATS this year. It’s going to be electric in Gainesville. The Tigers look ahead to Georgia next week and get upset at the Swamp.

Indiana @ #3 Ohio State- Saturday 4:00 PM

Buckeyes fans might remember what happened last year after they beat Penn State. Need a reminder it goes by the name of Iowa Hawkeyes. The spread is saying 26.5 points. I am going to go with the Buckeyes in the Shoe. Reason being Indiana is 1-4 ATS this year if the record was somewhat better I would go with the Hoosiers being the Buckeyes are beat up.

Vanderbilt @ #2 Georgia- Saturday 7:30 PM

Bulldogs cover the 27 point spread and get ready to take on LSU who will be hungry after they get upset by the Gators.

#8 Auburn vs. Mississippi State- Saturday 7:30 PM

Auburn has had a brutal schedule so far and its starting to show with their recent performances. This is a great SEC matchup against a very underrated opponent. I am going to roll with the Bulldogs. Side note is every team in the south named a Bulldog or a Tiger?

#10 Washington @ UCLA- Saturday 7:30 PM

LOL Washington covers the 21 point spread.

#6 Notre Dame vs. #24 Virginia Tech-Saturday 8:00 PM

What usually happens when the Irish are considered real contenders? They blow it. Hokie Nation loves me and I love them back. I am going to take the 7 points I am getting, I am going to take Va. Tech, and yes this is the week of all the damn upsets. I see potentially three or four going down and yes this is one of them. HOKIE NATION! Make me proud.

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