Week 6 College Football Evaluation

Well, folks, it’s time for the wonderful time of the week where I drop some knowledge and discuss what we saw in College Football the previous weekend. Like I had predicted it was clearly upset week and a couple teams made their chances on embarking in a journey in the College Football Playoff a lot harder and some may be eliminated for good. The two juggernauts who are on a major collision course maintained their success, while others fell victim to conference road games.

TEXAS IS BACK! Longhorns fans for years have been waiting for those words to ring true and it has finally happened. This past weekend they knocked off their arch nemesis, the Oklahoma Sooners. Dicker the Kicker booted the ball through the uprights to give the Longhorns their first win over the Sooners since 2015. That win put so much stress on Oklahoma they fired their defensive coordinator immediately. Every stripper in Texas on Saturday night got tipped extra for each lap dance Tom Herman got to celebrate a crucial win so early in his coaching career with the Longhorns. Oklahoma isn’t eliminated yet, but it’s not looking pretty for them with a fair number of elite teams remaining undefeated.

Tigers can’t survive in The Swamp. LSU was having a beautiful season before they came into the University of Florida on Saturday. Ohio State transfer, Joey Burrow, didn’t have enough to pull off the “W” against the hard nose Gators in a game that many seemed to see get overpowered by a dominant LSU defense. Burrows threw a late interception that was returned for a touchdown to put the game away and diminish a storybook season so far. The Tigers are definitely not eliminated, but they will have to bounce back this week at home verse the Georgia Bulldogs who are undefeated coming in very hot.

Mississippi State comes out and quiets the Auburn Tigers. The Bulldogs came out and shut down a very physical Tigers team winning 23-9. There is no way in hell a two-loss team gets into the College Football Playoff. I think they’re eliminated at this point especially being in the top conference. They would have to win out and take the SEC, but even then a one-loss Alabama would probably get the nod over them.

My top six as of right now:

#1 Alabama

#2 Ohio State

#3 Notre Dame

#4 Georgia

#5 Clemson

#6 WVU

Ultimately, I see Ohio State and Notre Dame win out. The winner of the SEC would get in and I believe WVU if they win the Big 12 will get the nod over Clemson who has played a horrible schedule.

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