NFL Top Ten Power Rankings: Week 7

In this weekly blog, we will keep an updated list of our Top 10 NFL teams based off power rankings. We will only do the top 10 because just like any other sport, if your team is not at the top, than who really gives a shit about you. Without further ado, here are our teams

Rams 4

1. L.A. Rams (6-0)

Gurley is a freak, plain and simple. But with that being said we have started to see some holes in this talented Rams team and I do expect them to drop a game here soon. This team has been banged up again early and I would have to expect that in the second half of the season we will see McVeigh rest his guys for the playoffs again especially if they clinch early. It’s a style that didn’t work great last season, but if all these Rams can stay on the field and be healthy come the playoffs than they should be destined for a SB run.


Pats Logo

2. New England Patriots (4-2)

Coming off maybe the most exciting game of the season thus far the Patriots squeaked out a win at home over the high-powered Chiefs. Brady looked great per usual and it seems like the receiving core is starting to gel and hit its stride as well. This Pat’s team has the potential to hang 40 on anyone in the league once that happens. The defense on the other hand, besides a few great plays by Donte Hightowet looked atrocious down the stretch. We get it, Tyreke Hill is fast, but he shredded them like a hot knife through butter at times. Patriots will be playing in the AFC championship again this year, but they will not win the Super Bowl with a defense that has so many holes. It must be fixed for them to have a shot.



Chiefs Logo

3. Kansas City Chiefs (5-1)

Brady and the Patriots handed the Chiefs their first loss of the season. Sure Mahomes made some mistakes early, but he stood toe to toe with the GOAT in Foxborough and put up 31 pts in the second half during a comeback effort for the ages. No one does that in Foxborough, especially not a young QB. In my opinion even in a loss that game showed that Mahomes is absolutely the real fucking deal and will soon be the face of this league. The Chiefs defense… absolute garbage. The Patriots didn’t put all night. If they want a chance to compete for a title this year things need to change in a hurry on that side of the ball.

Saints Logo

4. New Orleans Saints (4-1)

Saints were on a Bye this week, Can’t fault them for that and even if they had played and won the Patriots would have leapfrogged them anyways. Brees and these Saints are marching and we’ll see how they look after a slate of upcoming NFC south games

Ravens Logo

5. Baltimore Ravens (4-2)

The Ravens went to Nashville this weekend and dominated a tough game against a Titans team that has looked to hit a wall. The Ravens Defense is no joke though, they play fast and tough and is starting to remind me of some of the 2000’s Ravens teams that were defensive minded first. Can that work in the current NFL? Probably not, but the Ravens have certainly position themselves to be contender in a crowded AFC North.

Bengals Logo

6. Cincinnati Bengals (4-2)

The Bengals suffered a devastating loss at home in a hard-fought AFC North battle. They battled all day long only to have their backs broken in by a late Antonio Brown touchdown. Regardless I believe this Bengals team is the real deal and its becoming more and more likely we could see 3 teams come out of the AFC and make the playoffs. Andy Dalton continues to play well and limit mistakes. Joe Mixon has the look of a premier back in this league. Was nice to see Vontaze Burfict out there trying to kill people again before he got hurt.

Eagles Logo

7. Philadelphia Eagles (3-3)

In a huge bounce back game the Eagles trounced their NFC East foe in the NY Giants last Thursday. It was the first game where we saw Carson Wentz look very sharp as if he is returning back to form, something that could spell trouble for the rest of the NFC East. This Eagles team hit their early season SB hangover. Look for them to come out the other side of that playing well as a unit. Don’t sleep on these birds, they want you to think they are still the underdog and feed off of it. Look for them to keep moving back up this board.


Panthers Logo

7. Carolina Panthers (3-2)   

Is Cam Newton good? He certainly made some throws Sunday that would have you thinking otherwise. This Panthers team has for some reason gone away from the running game that has always made them successful. Christian McCaffrey only had 8 Carries on the day. Their defense will keep them in games but they need to realize they are a grind it out team and not some flashy offense. RiverBoat Ron Rivera better get his shit together.


steelers logo


8. Pittsburgh Steelers (3-2-1)

The Steelers look to be turning things around after an abysmal start to the season. AB looks good and Smith-Schuster is electrifying. James Conner is making people forget about that guy who didn’t show up for the season in Laveon Bell and Big Ben is still back their firing away. We should have known better than to count out this Steelers team, they always find a way to start playing their best football come the end of October and I would expect to see that again this year.


CHargers logo

9. San Diego Chargers (4-2)

Don’t look now but the Chargers might be the Team we thought they were. Rivers threw for 207 yards on just 11 completions for nearly 20 yds per. Add that to the fantasy football beast that is Melvin Gordon and you make for one unstoppable force of an offense. Tyrell Williams had a huge game and will look to build himself a consistent role in the offense. The Defense stepped up big time and had Baker Mayfield wishing he was still running from cops and not NFL lineman.


Jags Logo

10. Jacksonville Jaguars (3-3)

Jacksonville fans are certainly not Jaggin off after the terrible performance they had on Sunday in Dallas. Bortles looked atrocious and looked like he should be playing in the Canadian Football League instead of a starting QB. This game will certainly draw questions as to whether he should keep his job next year or even for the rest of this season. The Stout defense has now allowed 30 pts in back to back games, drawing questions on whether they may have been overrated. They get a much-needed home back next week versus the Texans. Look for them to bounce back.




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