Bill Belichick Will Murder You And Your Entire Family If You Compare Anyone to Lawrence Taylor


So today during Bill’s weekly press conference that is usually a snoozefest, we got lucky enough to be blessed by this all time quote by Bill Belichick regarding his thoughts on the greatest linebacker of all time.

Q: You’ve see a lot of good pass rushers in your career starting with Lawrence Taylor. Does Mack rank up there with the better ones you’ve seen?

BB: Now, wait a minute. We’re talking about Lawrence Taylor now. Yeah, I’m not putting anybody in Lawrence Taylor’s class. So, you can put everybody down below that. With a lot of respect to a lot of good players now, but we’re talking about Lawrence Taylor.

Oh boyyyyy, Bill Belichick just mentally assassinated another reporter who no doubt will be left questioning why in the world he didn’t just go into the world of finance rather than become a sports reporter and have to endure the painful awkwardness that Bill Belichick’s genius brain can make you feel. In this reporters defense it wasn’t a terrible question but he should have known better considering that LT is basically Bill Belichick’s favorite football player of all time. If you ever watch A Football Life on LT, Belichick basically gushes over the fact that he was the most talented player he has ever coached and that he basically didn’t require any coaching at all. You just put LT out there and he would eat quarterbacks or running backs for breakfast.

Khalil Mack is a supremely talented player, but he has a longggggg way to go to be put in the ranks of an All Time Great like LT. One thing I’m sure of though is that Bill would certainly never made the bonehead decision of letting a linebacker talent in that realm go like John Gruden did. Even Belichick who historically hates paying players would have sucked it up for that kind of talent.

I mean when LT was on the Giants he basically did whatever the fuck he wanted and as long as he produced on Sundays the two Bills, Parcells & Belichick let him be. Ya maybe that didn’t work out in the long run for Taylor but it helped the Giants win two Super Bowls and help cement one coaches legacy and kick-start the others.

Bottom Line is Lawrence Taylor is a Football God in the eyes of Bill Belichick and don’t you ever compare someone to him unless you want to be treated like you’re the slow kid in class and just asked what time recess is for the 15th time today. Also, as if we didn’t already know this but it basically solidifies that Tom Brady is not Belichick’s favorite player of all time. If I had to rank them it probably goes something like this.

  1. LT
  2.  Matt Slater
  3.  Punters in general
  4.  Junior Seau RIP
  5.  Various other special teamers
  6.  Tedy Bruschi
  7.  Jimmy G
  8.  Pete Carroll (For not running it)
  9. Malcom Butler
  10. Brady

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