Kyrie fined $25K for Ball Toss into Crowd, Stands by Decision, Say’s “We’ll see them again”

A day after a disappointing loss to the Denver Nuggets, Kyrie Irving was still in his feelings yesterday about the last second shot of Jamal Murray in an attempt to score his first ever 50 point game. Despite acknowledging that he deserved the fine, Kyrie stood by his decision to toss the ball in the stands and still had some words about the disrespect and “immaturity” that Murray showed on that play.

“It’s as simple as that. You just don’t. There’s a tradition and a respect within the league, as well as in any basketball game. Obviously you’ve won the game, you have it sealed, you’ve had a great game, game of your life, and you do something like that, it’s just … it’s petty. It’s immature.

“That’s just so thirsty of a player to just go after something like that. Clearly, 50 points is a big deal, but get it within regulation. Take it as a man, get your free throws and get to 50 points. But you don’t wait ’til the end of the game, when everybody’s not playing, to just launch up a shot and then nonchalantly go like this [shrugs shoulders] as if it doesn’t even matter.

“We’ll see him again though.”

It’s easy to see that a move the likes of what Murray did is not taken well in NBA circles and even though Murray commented after the game that it wasn’t meant to be disrespectful it still came across that way. The MLB comparison would be a player bat flipping a home run while already up 10 runs, you just don’t do it without some form of repercussions.

Clearly Kyrie won’t be forgetting that play anytime soon, and as I touched on yesterday neither will some of the other Celtics who are known for a more physical style of play such has Marcus Smart, Marcus Morris and Aron Baynes. Jamal Murray will most certainly be reminded of that play on his first drive to the basket when the Nuggets travel to the Garden on March 18th. Repercussions will likely be dealt out, and that game will be must see TV.




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