Terry Rozier on the Trade Block?

Reports having been flying around since yesterday that the Celtics are looking into the possibilities of trading back-up point guard Terry Rozier, mostly due to his frustration with lack of playing time so far this season on a loaded Celtics squad. Rozier as you might remember had some heroic performances for the C’s during their run to the Eastern Conference Finals and earned the well-known moniker of “Scary Terry” in the process. Rozier averaged 16.5 PPG and 5.7 assists during that play-off run and was averaging around 36 minutes per game in the absence of Kyrie Irving who went down with a knee injury before the playoff run. Rozier instantly became a fan favorite and gave some Celtics supporters the idea that maybe we didn’t need Kyrie, especially if he wasn’t willing to commit to this Celtics team long-term.

With Kyrie back and playing well,  along with a giving a preseason verbal commitment to stay in Boston after this season, it makes it somewhat understandable that we have heard rumblings of frustration coming from Rozier in terms of his lack of minutes on this loaded Celtics roster and his doubts Boston will pay to keep him long-term. Rozier believes he has the talent to be a starting PG in the NBA and expects to be paid in the fashion the reflects that. Rozier recently turned down a contract extension believed to be in the realm of $12 Million per year.

Scary Terry

There are reportedly 7 different teams interested in trading Rozier at this point, most notably the Suns who the C’s travel to Phoenix to play tonight. It remains to be seen what the Celtics asking price will be for Rozier and it will certainly be hindered by the fact he will be an unrestricted free agent after this season and that other teams now know he is unhappy. The chemistry in Boston has certainly seemed a little off to start the season with the Celtics off to a somewhat disappointing 6-4 start. One would have to think a lot of those frustrations coming from Scary Terry surround him not getting enough minutes to showcase his talents, thus ensuring a big offseason signing for himself.

The main concern of many Celtics fans who aren’t thrilled about the possibility of a trade is the health concerns with Kyrie Irving. Over his career Kyrie has never shown the ability to consistently stay healthy and Rozier offers the perfect insurance policy in the scenario that he goes down with another injury this season. Trader Danny has got his work cut out for him here in the next couple weeks and this is something we will be keeping a close eye on.


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