More Trouble in Paradise? Durant Tells Fan to Shut the F**K Up During Game in Dallas

Oh Boy we knew there was trouble in Golden State brewing over the past week following the verbal altercation between Kevin Durant and Draymond Green, but now it seems like Durant is taking out his frustrations on the Dallas fans who no doubt were giving him an earful in the first row.

Can’t respect this move at all by Durant, of course you are going to get heckled, you joined a 73 win team and got all pissy when people criticized you for it. Now you are basically making it known that you have let that talk affect you and your gonna bolt after this season.

That fan I’m sure paid a lot of money to sit front row of this game and he has the right to talk as much smack as he wants. Him buying those tickets directly correlates to you being able to make millions of dollars playing basketball for a living so shut up and take it. This time of shit certainly doesn’t help the perception that Durant is the biggest snake in the league and that he is weak minded enough to let this stuff bother him.

Durant Snake2


If your a fan of any other team in the league right now you should be loving the current dysfunction of these Warriors who have gone 2-5 over their past 7 games. We have never seen this team look so vulnerable since Durant joined them and it certainly has me on the edge of my seat waiting for it all to come crashing down come.


P.S Maybe take some notes from your old pal Russell Westbrook in how to deal with some obnoxious fans


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