Just a Video of Kyrie Irving Doing Some Dribbling Drills…. WAIT WHAT?!?!!

When I first saw this video come across my timeline I thought, “ya, so what we know Kyrie has got crazy good handles.” Then the video zoomed out and I almost spit my drink all over my laptop. What kind of sorcery of ball handling is this?!?!?! I knew this guy could handle the rock but this is some god damn magician shit. I couldn’t do this standing on flat ground, never mind while standing on two basketballs.

As a Celtics fan it has been awesome to see Kyrie finally healthy and playing great again. He’s truly a top 10 talent in the NBA when he isn’t hindered by injuries. If he is gonna keep doing stuff like this I would say circle these Celtics in for the NBA Finals now, you can’t beat a guy that is a legitimate Wizard of basketball.  Steph Curry dribbles his two basketballs before each game, that’s cute. But can he do it while standing on two balls? Yeah didn’t think so.

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