Terry Rozier Sends Cryptic Tweet, Are His Days as A Celtic Numbered?

Ladies and Gentleman of the Celtics faithful, We officially have reach Def Con 9 on the chaos meter. After a very disappointing loss last night to the Charlotte Hornets, Backup PG Terry Rozier posted this tweet regarding his wishes to possibly be traded sooner than later.  It’s been no secret that Rozier’s name has been floated out there on the trade block recently. Although he sent a follow-up tweet shortly after stating that everyone was overreacting to the tweet and it’s not what we think, it’s beginning to look more and more likely that we won’t be seeing Scary Terry in Celtic green much longer.

Listen, I feel for Terry, he no doubt has the talent to be a starter somewhere in this league and he is on one of maybe 5 teams in this league where that simply won’t happen because the guy in front of him is an all world talent in Kyrie Irving. He know’s this is a contract year and that he certainly needs to showcase more of his skills over the length of an NBA season if he wants to cash in this summer. But he should be handling this like a Pro and going straight to Danny Ainge to make this happen instead of blasting in on Twitter. All he is doing is making it more difficult for the Celtics to get a good return on the trade because other teams already assume he wants out.

We’ll keep a close eye on this one, but for now it looks like those Scary Terry shirts you bought last spring may soon become a collector’s item.

Scary Terry

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