Celtics Win 3 in Row, Gordon Hayward Starting to Perform.

The Celtics faithful has taken their collective fingers off the panic button with the way this team has performed over the past 3 games with a series of convincing victories that have seen this Celtics team play more like the juggernaut we expected they would be before the season. 

Admittingly, I would say I am one of those that was very quick to scream ” WTF is going on!” when it comes to the way these boys were playing before this most recent stretch. There was no consistency and it seemed like any glimpses of hope were just that, glimpses. This team had wayyyyy to much talent to keep playing the way they had been, and it has been nice to see that turn around. 

For starters, you could say that changing the starting lineup around has been big for this team, and you would be right. But I think it has a lot more to do with the team picking it up on the defensive side of the ball and moving the ball and hitting open shots when they have him. It’s crazy how much better a team can look when those shots are falling, but that’s exactly what has been happening. 

Now have we beat the best teams in the league these past 3 games? No. But it is still nice to see improvement and this team may be starting to hit their stride which will be putting the rest of the league on notice once this team is living up to their potential. 


Gordy Hayward seems to be hitting his stride over the past three games and it feels like him coming off the bench has taken some of the pressure he had felt to perform and has led to better production overall. I would like to see Brad Stevens keep him coming off the bench and be the 6th man offensive spark that can fuel this team. With the way Kyrie has been playing, if we can start seeing this type of production from Hayward then the sky is the limit for this team. Last night vs the T-wolves was the first night where it felt like it all really came together, and you saw the true potential this team really has. If Gordon Hayward can play like consistently, we could see him Kyrie and Tatum become a serious Big 3 the likes we haven’t seen since Pierce, Garnett and Ray Allen. 

So, we can all sigh a breath of relief, this team is going to figure it out and they are going to be so goddamn good. 


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