LeBron Possibly Indulging in Legal Weed in Cali… Wants Lakers to Sign Melo

Rumors are flying around the NBA that LeBron James would be interested in the Lakers trading or signing for Carmelo Anthony once he becomes available on Dec 15th. Now we know LeBron has a certain inkling for his Banana Boat buddies, but you got to think that he is indulging in the Weed infusion wine out there in Cali if he really thinks this would work.

Melo averaged a dismal 13.4 ppg over ten games with the Houston Rockets this year before he was basically told to go home because he sucks. It was a rough look for a 34-year-old former All-Star who now looks like a shell of his former self. While the accusations that Melo is a team destroyer may be a little bit of an overstatement, (the Rockets are not very good without him) but it is obvious that he is no longer the player he once was. But nonetheless he still has expectations to play serious minutes on whatever team he is on.

I actually don’t hate Melo, and I actually think that he could be good fit for a team if he is willing to come off the bench and contribute, but nothing so far has proven he is willing to do that. Joining a young Lakers team would not be the right fit for him. There is no doubt in my mind he would expect to play more than some of the young guns on that team and would settle into shooting 29 foot fadeways in no time. LeBron would ship his ass out of LA faster than his hairline receded in Miami. With the Lakers finally starting to play well it would be a horrible decision.

melo funny

LeBron and Melo have been buddies since they were both drafted in the 2003 NBA draft. They were anointed the next great superstars of the league at an early age. For the first 5-6 years of their respective careers that narrative largely rang true, it’s easy to forget how prolific of a scorer Melo truly was. But LeBron at some point realized to be the best he would have to put in the work off the court and became not only the best athlete in the NBA but maybe the world. Melo took the #stayme7o route and never reached his true potential.

I wish Melo wasn’t a joke like he has become, He was one of my favorite players to watch at one point in his career. But if he truly wants another shot in the league he needs to check his ego and commit to being a role player. His style of play doesn’t fit in this new style of NBA with the mid range iso play becoming almost extinct.

Until then we can always reminisce and look back at some of my favorite Melo highlight clips like this one.

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