What The Hell Just Happened?

Unless you’re immune to social media, (in which case I have no idea how you’re reading this) then you already know that the Patriots just allowed one of the all time Hail Mary/Miracles to happen all over their faces down in Miami. Just when it looked like Brady had finally overcome his history of nightmare performances in South Florida this shit happens.

There was a lot for the Patriots fans to not be thrilled with today, but not Mr. Brady who went for 358 yds and 3 TDS and played one of his better games of the season. The Defense were the ones that consistently disappointed all day and none bigger than this last play.

The Patriots rushed four, got absolutely no pass rush, and then lackadaisicaly attempted to make the tackle that never happened as the Phins lateralled down the field. It wasn’t Gronkowski’s fault for missing that tackle, it was Belichick for putting him out there. Dude has been playing like he’s been in a body cast all season and you think he’s going to make an athletic tackle to win the game? News Flash, Ryan Tannehill can’t throw a ball 70 yds so it wasn’t like he was going to be knocking down any passes.

Such a disappointing and shocking loss for all Pat’s fans, a win today not only clinched the AFC East but would have put them in a prime position to get the 1 seed even with Kansas City ultimately winning their game over Baltimore. No Patriots team since Brady’s first SB run in 2001 has made it to the big game without home field advantage, so ya that loss was huge because the road to the Super Bowl most likely runs through Arrowhead now.

Patriots need to rebound quickly with a huge game in Pittsburgh next week, I’m not counting out these Patriots out yet because anything can happen, but you got to admit after today it’s not looking great for Brady and the boys.


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