Everyone Relax, The Patriots Will be Just Fine.

So just like all of you, I was tremendously upset over the dramatic loss to the Dolphins yesterday, it was an ugly afternoon in my household to say the least. The fact that I am a Patriots fan that currently lives in South Florida in the heart of Dolphin country made the loss sting that much worse. But after a few hours of hard contemplation and name blaming, (cough cough Bill Belichick) along with a few profanity laced comments, I came to the realization that we all need to relax.

Take into consideration that we were one fluke play from being 10-3 and in prime position to catch the Kansas City Chiefs who are going into a tough Thursday night matchup with the Chargers. Ya it was a crushing defeat and it sucks, but is it as bad as some of the crushing defeats we have had in the Super Bowl? Certainly not. I was over this loss by 9PM last night, the 07′ Super Bowl sent me into a 6 month depression.

Everything you have read on social media in the past 24 hours has slammed Bill Belichick and Gronkowski. And yes, it was a boneheaded decision to have the obviously handicapped Gronk out there on that play, but you could argue we wouldn’t have been in position to win if Gronk didn’t have one of his best games of the season with 8 Catches for 107 yds and a TD. And a Spin-Zone for Gronk is he probably had a personal dilemma in stopping a game winning 69 yd TD. We’ve praised Gronk for his 69 jokes over the years so it’s really on us as the fans if you think about it.


And if you really want to start saying that Bill Belichick needs to go, an absurd take I’ve seen flying around social media since yesterday, take a look around the league at some of the pitiful coaching that is present in the NFL on any given week. Hue Jackson would definitely be a better option right? No didn’t think so. Don’t give me the nonsense that Josh McDaniels will solve things either if Bill wasn’t here. Brady could run this offense blindfolded and drunk, sure Josh is great offensive mind but he’s no Belichick. I’ll stick with the guy who has gotten me 5 rings.

So once again, Relax Pat’s fans. We all agree we would rather get our devastating loss of the year out-of-the-way in the regular season right? As much as a win like yesterday can galvanize a team like the Dolphins it can do the same for the team that loses. Do you think there is any other team in the league that will rally around each other and work harder than the Patriots will moving forward? I don’t think so. This is the type of thing that could destroy a season for another franchise but not these Patriots who always seem to step up in the face of controversy.  And ya, we may have to go into Arrowhead and play the Chiefs in the playoffs, and ya it will be loud. But the Baltimore Ravens led by rookie quarterback Lamar Jackson, (who is basically a RB playing QB) took the Chiefs to overtime and almost just beat them in Arrowhead. So I don’t want to hear that “Playoff Tom Brady” can’t go in there in January and steal a victory, he absolutely can.

One last time, Relaxxxxxx Pats Nation. It’s onto to Pittsburgh.

Belichick press con


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