Celtics Make It 8 in a Row! Blow out Atlanta 129-108

What more can you say about this team other they have been playing terrific basketball lately. There was no point tonight where I thought the Hawks would be able to win this game, it was all Boston from start to finish.

Yes their critics will say, “all these team they’ve been playing suck though.” Technically this is true, but we are blowing all these teams off the floor and that’s what your supposed to do when you play the bottom feeders of the league. Kyrie Irving came out firing as per usual and we saw him, Jayson Tatum, Marcus Morris and Gordon Hayward 19+ pts. If these Celtics can continue to get consistent scoring like this, then we’ll be watching them go streaking here for at least the considerable future.

Robert Williams was a monster again tonight with 5 huge blocks and is starting to look like a more athletic Dikembe Mutumbo out there. The kid is gonna be special and all these blowout wins are enabling him to get much needed experience out there on the floor.

Tatum seemed to have his stroke back tonight and this was a game where he looked comfortable every time he had the ball in his hands. Hopefully he is turning over a new leaf and starting to realized he can get by defenders at anytime he pleases. I think Tatum is a streaky shoot at times and if he can get easy baskets going to the rim it will help his confidence when he steps outside to shoot. Sometimes just watching your shot get in the basket a couple times is all you need to catch fire.

Hayward had a nice performance after missing a game on Wednesday. He finished with 19pts in 7-10 shooting and 3-3 from deep. He continues to improve and its getting me excited to thing he might actually be on his way back to the All-star we saw in Utah.

Defense was solid tonight, forcing the Hawks to turn the ball over 24 times, they continue to look better on that end of the floor on a nightly basis. It looks like they are actually committed to filling in the lanes on defense and aren’t allowing easy drives to the hoop like we saw early in the season.

The Offense again put up over 120 Pts, it”s ridiculous how much this team can score when shots are actually falling down for them. If they continue to keep finding their open shots like this I think they are a threat to take down anyone in the league. Including the Warriors.

One last thing! It’s time to set the Over/Under for this win streak. I’m going to set the line at 16.5 wins.



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