Eagles Encourage Their Fans to Wear Ski Masks to Game

Last year it was the Dog mask, this year the Philadelphia Eagles and their fans are swapping those in for ski masks in hopes that they will be able to “Steal” their spot into this years NFL playoffs.

eagles mask


Not gonna lie, at first this made me a little nervous knowing how crazy Philly fans can take things. I mean in the past we’ve seen then do all sorts of crazy shit without a mask on. Add a Ski mask to the equation and allow all debauchery to be done anonymously, that sounds like a recipe for disaster.

A dog mask is one thing, its kinda cute, you’re the underdogs so it fits. But the ski mask doesn’t do anything except make me think your about to rob me and possibly stick a 6 inch blade into my ribcage.

But anyways, the more I think about it I don’t hate it. Either the eagles win this weekend and keep their postseason hopes alive and you have a new rallying point like the dog masks were last year. Orrrr the Eagles lose and the season is over but you and 30,000 of your closest Eagle fan friends rob the local Wawa dressed in Carson Wentz jerseys and ski masks. It’s the perfect crime. The Cops can’t put out a APB on that many masked Eagles fans. It’s impossible.

As a Patriots fan, last years Super Bowl was awful. But I’d be lying if I said that it wouldn’t be entertaining to watch those crazy Philly fans riot and burn the city down again, except this time donning Ski masks while they do it. It would be a terrifying celebration that might actually top last year.

So do you Philly, wear those ski masks, FTP, steal your way back into the playoffs. The only logical way for this crazy NFL season to end is for a Patriots vs Philly rematch after both teams have seemed down for the count more times than Rocky.

P.S. Philly ya’ll better get that nightmare fueled mascot Gritty into a mascot sized ski mask too. Need that.

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