Lebron Makes Sure His Mic Is On Before Giving His Son Advice

The following video has been making its rounds on the internet today and shows worlds greatest parent LeBron James giving his son some constructive criticism after what I can only assume was a disappointing game.

Now, I’m not the grinch and I don’t hate LeBron James enough to actually criticize a father-son moment like this. It the big scheme of things it really just is a dad trying to coach up his son, except for dad is the greatest basketball player on the planet.

The part that I’m not buying is that this is just some random occurrence. There’s no way Lebron didn’t remember he was mic’d up and thought how this was be a great moment in the 23 hour documentary of his life one day. LeBron is more aware of his public appearance than any other athlete in history. He knew this clip would get some good pub and he did his best Norman Dale in Hoosiers impression.

I mean the video that’s being taking here looks like some random fan in the bleachers filming Bron Bron. Conveniently this guy just had the audio as well? GTFOH.

The LeBron PR train has been rolling along for years now. It’s very easy to forget exactly how hated this dude was when he signed with the Heat and started talking about how he was gonna win 8 titles in a row. Fast forward to present day and we know view him as a better father than Danny Tanner in Full House.  Isn’t it enough to leave your kids a multi-billion dollar shoe brand like Michael Jordan did? Apparently not, he feels the need to continue rubbing our faces in how awesome of a parent he is and makes sure the world of social media keeps his name in the fore front at all times. C’mon LeBron, some of us didn’t have dads growing up, way to make me feel like shit about it.


Bron and his kids



P.s – LeBron really does seem like a good dad and I’m a cynical POS

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