Reports of David Ortiz Being Shot During Attempted Robbery in the Dominican Republic

Details are still fuzzy as to what exactly has happened but there are reports that Boston Red Sox legend and future Hall of Famer David Ortiz was shot today in the Dominican Republic.

This news hits especially hard to the Boston area and its fans who view Ortiz as an absolute icon. Not only did he lead the Red Sox to three World Series championships over his career, but he was the rock the city needed following the 2013 Boston Marathon bombings and he gave this now famous and emotional speech.

Luckily preliminary reports are stating the gunshot was a leg wound but details are still sketchy at this point. We will bring you more updates as we learn more. But obviously at this time nothing but prayers to Ortiz and his entire family. If we know one thing about Ortiz is that he is #BostonStrong and if anyone can make it through something like this then it’s him.

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