Did Brian Flores pull off the biggest mic drop of the year?

This past Sunday the New England Patriots once again won another Super Bowl. In a year filled with offensive explosion averaging 23.3 points per game, 2nd only to the 2013 season that averaged 23.4 points per game, Super Bowl 53 was led by defensive dominance. The Los Angeles Rams, who some considered were becoming “The Greatest Show on Grass”, came in with the 2nd ranked offense during the 2018 regular season and were held to a total of three points behind Jared Goff, Todd Gurley (kinda), and Sean McVay. A team that averaged 32.9 points per game in the regular season were held to three measly points. How is that possible? The Patriots gave up 20.3 points in the regular season and were ranked 21st all year, it doesn’t even seem true. It’s all because of one man.


Brian Flores had that New England defense dialed in on Sunday and he has through all of the playoffs. The Patriots tore the Chargers to shreds, Chiefs offense didn’t exist for a half, and the Rams never reached the Redzone. PURE DOMINANCE. Showcasing exactly the type of style and culture he will bring to the Miami Dolphins next season. In my opinion, the linebacking core with Jerome Baker, Kiko Alonso, and Raekwon McMillan are all set, but Flores will be looking to bring the winning aspect that he learned in the Patriots organization for the past 14 years rather than just the linebacking core as he did this past year. Flores excels on the big stage and it shows beyond last night, you might remember this gem when Brady captured his 4th Super Bowl.

Dolphins fans concerned about him being able to evaluate offensive talent since he is defensive minded, he spent his first three years as a scout for the Patriots. Flores also served as an assistant to the offense in 2010 when New England had the 1st ranked offense. He is now tasked with turning around the league’s 31st ranked offense and 29th ranked defense in 2018, one in which he will be ready to do.

If you’re looking to rebuild, this man seems like the one you take a shot with. Groomed by the greatest dynasty in the history of sports Brian Flores is taking his talents to South Beach after mic dropping the country and helping his now nemesis win their 6th Super Bowl.

On February 4th, 2019, his duty became to build the great city of Miami, a CHAMPION.


Another Super Bowl, Another Local Legend

It’s February 3, 2002, the night of the Super Bowl between the St. Louis Rams and the New England Patriots. As many fans around the country and media are talking about “The Greatest Show on Turf” in the Rams’ offense and the star-studded, hard-hitting Patriots’ defense, one small town was rooting for one specific player.

Jeff Wilkins originally from Austintown, Ohio where he went to Fitch High School and Youngstown State University for college. Wilkins was the starting kicker for the Rams from 1997 all the way until 2007 when he retired that offseason. During his career in St. Louis he completed an astounding 81.9% of his kicks, scored 1,416 points (1st player in team history to reach 1,000), and was vital in the Rams 2000 Super Bowl win making three of four field goals in a 23-16 win over the Tennessee Titans. Needless to say, the city of Youngstown was hoping and praying the Rams would win and he would be the deciding factor again.


(Photo Courtesy of Ramblin’ Fan)

Instead, the Patriots would go on to win that Super Bowl 20-17 in a game where Wilkins drained a memorable 50-yard field goal in the first quarter giving the Rams their only lead they would have that game.

Fast forward now 17 years, the Patriots have captured four Super Bowls since then and the hatred for them has grown so rapidly throughout the country. No one has hurt worse than the Cleveland Browns fans, who Bill Belichick coached before being fired in 1995, and most of all the fans who watched them start their dynasty against a local legend. Now the Patriots are about to embark on their 9th Super Bowl in 19 years against “The Greatest Show on Grass”. It’s easy for people in Youngstown to root against the Patriots until they signed one of the very few people who could make the Patriots lovable in that city.


(Photo Courtesy of Chronicle-Telegram)

When it comes to local legends there’s none that compare to John Simon. Luckily, for me, I was blessed to watch him from start to right now. Growing up I always wanted to be an NFL football player, but I never had what it took to be one and that’s the dedication to put all your time and effort into it. My biggest flaw was Simon’s biggest strength. My friends who are Patriots fans asked me when they signed him my thoughts and it was simple, “His work ethic is second to none, you knew he was going to the NFL from the time you watched him play football, never seen a human being like it”. When men at the level of Urban Meyer praise you and say things like this.

You know you’re in an elite class.

Heavily regarded as one of the strongest men in the NCAA and now the NFL. John Simon is a man amongst boys no matter what setting he is in.

In an area that has produced many great football players such as; Wilkins, Mike Zordich, Corey Linsley, Bernie Kosar, Billy Price, and so many more, John Simon ranks supreme in conversation with everyone in that list. He attended Cardinal Mooney where he was every offensive linemen’s nightmare and went on to The Ohio State University. For the Buckeyes, he had 154 tackles and 20.5 sacks during his four-year tenure at OSU. Simon was also Big Ten Defensive Player of the Year in 2012 and two-time First Team All-Big Ten in 2011 and 2012.

In the 2013 draft, John Simon was selected in the fourth round by the Baltimore Ravens and that’s where his NFL journey would begin. In 2014 he went onto to play for the Houston Texans for two years and then after2016 he signed a three-year deal with the Indianapolis Colts, his most memorable moment with the Colts was the 26-yard interception he returned for a touchdown against the Titans. Many fans were shocked when the Colts released Simon earlier this football season, but that might have been a huge blessing in disguise.


(Photo Courtesy of Zimbio)

Simon’s journey ended up in New England on September 26, 2018, where he is now going into his first ever Super Bowl appearance led by the greatest coach and quarterback of our time. In the 11 games Simon has played in for the Patriots he has recorded 8 tackles, and assisted on 9 tackles, has two TFL (tackle for loss).

In this rematch from that 2002 Super Bowl, the city of Youngstown has a reason to root for the Patriots and the only reason being, John Simon. Go get a ring and congrats on the second baby. Youngstown is behind you.

Week 6 College Football Evaluation

Well, folks, it’s time for the wonderful time of the week where I drop some knowledge and discuss what we saw in College Football the previous weekend. Like I had predicted it was clearly upset week and a couple teams made their chances on embarking in a journey in the College Football Playoff a lot harder and some may be eliminated for good. The two juggernauts who are on a major collision course maintained their success, while others fell victim to conference road games.

TEXAS IS BACK! Longhorns fans for years have been waiting for those words to ring true and it has finally happened. This past weekend they knocked off their arch nemesis, the Oklahoma Sooners. Dicker the Kicker booted the ball through the uprights to give the Longhorns their first win over the Sooners since 2015. That win put so much stress on Oklahoma they fired their defensive coordinator immediately. Every stripper in Texas on Saturday night got tipped extra for each lap dance Tom Herman got to celebrate a crucial win so early in his coaching career with the Longhorns. Oklahoma isn’t eliminated yet, but it’s not looking pretty for them with a fair number of elite teams remaining undefeated.

Tigers can’t survive in The Swamp. LSU was having a beautiful season before they came into the University of Florida on Saturday. Ohio State transfer, Joey Burrow, didn’t have enough to pull off the “W” against the hard nose Gators in a game that many seemed to see get overpowered by a dominant LSU defense. Burrows threw a late interception that was returned for a touchdown to put the game away and diminish a storybook season so far. The Tigers are definitely not eliminated, but they will have to bounce back this week at home verse the Georgia Bulldogs who are undefeated coming in very hot.

Mississippi State comes out and quiets the Auburn Tigers. The Bulldogs came out and shut down a very physical Tigers team winning 23-9. There is no way in hell a two-loss team gets into the College Football Playoff. I think they’re eliminated at this point especially being in the top conference. They would have to win out and take the SEC, but even then a one-loss Alabama would probably get the nod over them.

My top six as of right now:

#1 Alabama

#2 Ohio State

#3 Notre Dame

#4 Georgia

#5 Clemson

#6 WVU

Ultimately, I see Ohio State and Notre Dame win out. The winner of the SEC would get in and I believe WVU if they win the Big 12 will get the nod over Clemson who has played a horrible schedule.

College Football Week 6 Picks: Upset Week

We are off to another week of College Football and another chance to break .500 on the year for betting. The bright side is the spreads are becoming smaller and smaller, so the top ten teams are finally giving me a chance to pick legit games. On the year I am looking at a subpar 10-14-1 record. With one magical week I can look like a hero. So, without further ado I bring to you, my week six College Football picks.

#1 Alabama @ Arkansas-Saturday 12 PM

For the past two weeks I gave into the Crimson Tide and deemed them as Gods of the spread covering every game they’ve had. The past two weeks they have screwed me royally. Am I willing to go back to betting against them with their matchup verse the Razorbacks? Not a God Damn chance. I am going to continue to Roll Tide and lay down the 35 points given to me and pick Bama to come out big in this stellar SEC matchup of David vs. Goliath.

#19 Texas vs. #7 Oklahoma-Saturday 12 PM

Texas fans hate me at this point judging I have picked against Texas every week so far. How has that faired out for me well they’re 2-3 so far. You know who is tied with them at 2-3 this year, the Sooners. I have zero faith in the Sooners defense. It’s Red River Rivalry. Last year against a way better Sooners team the Longhorns kept it close losing by only five. I say it’s the same thing this year. Give me those seven points and I am going to Hook Em’. I am half tempted to even throw out the points and take the money line. I don’t believe “Texas is Back”, but I think they can get back on the right foot and shock the nation with a win.

Kansas @ #9 West Virginia- Saturday 12 PM

Have you ever been to Morgantown on a Saturday? There is a 100% chance you will be flashed and passed out drunk by the time the 3:30 games kickoff. I am going to lay down the 27.5 points being given to me and roll with Mountaineers. Will Grier lights up the defense and the scoreboard. Mountaineers are 4-0 this year ATS.

#4 Clemson @ Wake Forest- Saturday 3:30 PM

I remember not too long ago I stamped my name of approval on the Demon Deacons to cover at home verse Notre Dame. Boy was I wrong. The Demon Deacons are 1-4 ATS this year, but you know who is tied with them? The Clemson Tigers. Now there has been so much chatter about the Clemson team this year especially in relation to the College Football playoff. I have bashed them and bashed them and bashed them. I am going to ride with the Tigers this week to get to peak performance even with Trevor Lawrence coming off injury and lay down the 20.5 given to me. BUT if Trevor Lawrence is deemed not playing ride high with the Demon Deacons.

#5 LSU @ #22 Florida- Saturday 3:30 PM

This has upset potential written all over it. Gainesville, October, not the same Gators who fold all the time. Their one loss came at the hands of Kentucky who is having a monster truck year. The spread is 2.5 and that is a perfect spread for me. I am going to roll with the Gators. They’re 4-1 ATS this year. It’s going to be electric in Gainesville. The Tigers look ahead to Georgia next week and get upset at the Swamp.

Indiana @ #3 Ohio State- Saturday 4:00 PM

Buckeyes fans might remember what happened last year after they beat Penn State. Need a reminder it goes by the name of Iowa Hawkeyes. The spread is saying 26.5 points. I am going to go with the Buckeyes in the Shoe. Reason being Indiana is 1-4 ATS this year if the record was somewhat better I would go with the Hoosiers being the Buckeyes are beat up.

Vanderbilt @ #2 Georgia- Saturday 7:30 PM

Bulldogs cover the 27 point spread and get ready to take on LSU who will be hungry after they get upset by the Gators.

#8 Auburn vs. Mississippi State- Saturday 7:30 PM

Auburn has had a brutal schedule so far and its starting to show with their recent performances. This is a great SEC matchup against a very underrated opponent. I am going to roll with the Bulldogs. Side note is every team in the south named a Bulldog or a Tiger?

#10 Washington @ UCLA- Saturday 7:30 PM

LOL Washington covers the 21 point spread.

#6 Notre Dame vs. #24 Virginia Tech-Saturday 8:00 PM

What usually happens when the Irish are considered real contenders? They blow it. Hokie Nation loves me and I love them back. I am going to take the 7 points I am getting, I am going to take Va. Tech, and yes this is the week of all the damn upsets. I see potentially three or four going down and yes this is one of them. HOKIE NATION! Make me proud.

No Evaluation: Just Calling It How I See It

Well, folks, it took me a couple days to completely process what I wanted to say and how I wanted to say it. This past weekend I witnessed something unfold and realized a lot through such a short time so far this season, so I am going to break down that rather than replaying the games.

The Undefeated Scenario

Right now, at the present time, we have Alabama, Oklahoma, Georgia, Kentucky, UCF, NC State, Colorado, Cincinnati, Clemson, Ohio State, West Virginia, USF, LSU, and Notre Dame. Granted not all of those teams are going to be undefeated by the time the playoff committee has to come to a decision in the later part of the year. So, I am going to give you my speculation on the teams who will remain; Alabama, Oklahoma, Notre Dame, Ohio State, Clemson, and UCF if I had to pick a few. With that being said I see six teams there undefeated, but we can only take four? Alabama is in due to the eye test and that point would’ve beaten three top 10 teams, Oklahoma would have to be in also due to the number of ranked teams they would’ve beaten, Notre Dame has to get in because they beat Stanford, USC, Michigan, and Va. Tech and Ohio State would have to get in due to beating TCU and Penn State on the road and winning the second best conference in the country. That leaves out Clemson who two years ago won the title, has one of the best coaches in the country and would’ve done everything you asked them to do. The downside is they have the worst strength of schedule and would win the worst conference out of the Power Five. For the second straight year, you would tell UCF no, even though that would be two straight undefeated seasons and winning a New Year’s Six bowl against Auburn last year, all because they don’t have a tough schedule and they’re not a Power Five. That’s only one scenario. Let’s dive even deeper.

The One Loss Alabama Team

Now surely even if Alabama loses one game it shouldn’t diminish their chances at going to the College Football Playoff, right. Let’s look at that. Alabama has to play LSU on November 3rd and host Auburn on November 24th. What happens if they lose to LSU and LSU goes undefeated losing to Georgia in the SEC Championship? Are you then going to put Alabama in over LSU and another undefeated team? Let’s make it simpler. What happens if Alabama loses to Georgia in the SEC Championship, once again are you going to put Alabama in over an undefeated team. The only team that deserved to be in the playoff that actually got penalized for losing was the 2015 Ohio State Buckeyes and that’s not biased, I am pretty sure every human being that knows anything about football understands that potentially was one of the greatest college football teams ever.

The sad reality of all of this is the fact that if any other team loses one game and the rest are undefeated they’re immediately eliminated. Alabama, on the other hand, is God’s gift to Earth so this rule does and never will apply to them. Regardless, the system is flawed and still each year there is a controversy that makes the nation scratch their heads wondering who the true National Champion is. The committee needs to expand to eight teams, immediately. More money and the regular season will remain how it is. Nobody really plays anybody that isn’t in there conference anyways. With that format here is the matchups we would have (according to my top 8):

#1 Alabama vs. #8 West Virginia

#2 Ohio State vs. #7 LSU

#3 Notre Dame vs. #6 Clemson

#4 Georgia vs. #5 Oklahoma

Now also all of these teams won’t be in my top eight come season ends due to the fact they will play each other head to head, but you get my point. That’s exciting just looking at it. Hopefully, the committee will evaluate this and move forward in making this the norm.

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