Penn State vs Ohio State: A Penn State Fan Preview, We Are!!!…

Article By Ken “The Family Man”

The greatest week of the year is upon us. At least for a Penn State fan that is. Ohio State comes to Happy Valley in a Big Ten East heavyweight bout that could have major College Football Playoff implications. The rivalry is a new one. One that players from both sides of the ball on Saturday have come to respect and cherish. As a die-hard Penn State fan, one of the greatest memories of my life was attending the 2016 OSU/PSU matchup at Beaver Stadium. White Out. 107,000 and change in attendance. My father to my left. My brother, a Penn State alumni to my right. At the time it felt like any other game. Close, but the #2 team in the country was keeping us at an arm’s length. Then the fourth quarter came. The rest lives in our memories, with the images, videos, and gifs of Grant Haley running back a blocked field goal late in the fourth 60 yards for a touchdown and cementing itself into Penn State history forever. That one game kicked off a glorious run to a Big10 championship that we won over a great Wisconsin team. Well wouldn’t it be lovely to live in that memory forever, but that was then and this is now. If you’re wondering why I’m not talking about our 2017 matchup please excuse me, I haven’t quite recovered from the devastation yet.

Such is this newfound rivalry, and the stage is set for another white-out game in Penn State. The city of State College swells to the third largest city in Pennsylvania, and college athletes leave everything out on the field for a chance at their own “Grant Haley moment”. 2018 Ohio State is nothing short of an offensive powerhouse. Scoring at will is an understatement. Coming out fast and hard is their forte. And they never take the foot off the gas. As a Penn State fan, Dwayne Haskins is in my top 3 for a Heisman nod as of now and they have equal talent on the other side of the ball. This team is one of the best teams I have seen Ohio State produce in their push for that elusive 6th National Championship bid. To the Ohio State fans reading this, let’s just be glad you don’t have J.T. Barrett steering your ship anymore. That man couldn’t win the big game if his life depended on it, kind of reminding me of a Donovan McNabb puking on the 50 yard line of the Super Bowl. You can tell us you were sick Donovan, but you’re just a turd in kelly green.

The 2018 Nittany Lion team can pretty much bet the house on this game. It is as must win as you can get. Penn State has been come to be known as a second half team. This is NOT the strategy to go into this rivalry game with. I repeat, NOT the strategy. This is not Kent State. This is not Illinois, coached by Lovey “White Beard” Smith. This game they will need to have laser like focus, along with on the balls of your feet play at all times. All while the sweet serenade of 108,000 PSU faithful singing Sweet Caroline cheer them on until to the inevitable field rush and goal post vandalism. Trace McSorley has rallied the offense on numerous occasions this year in typical gamer fashion. The headband and home run swing will be present on Saturday night, you can be sure of that. If there is one thing I have learned watching Trace, it is that he shows up for big games. Miles Sanders leads the rushing attack coming off a fourth quarter demolition of the Illini defense. A game in which he rushed for 200 yards on 22 carries and three scores. However, Ohio State has the edge of facing a ranked opponent before meeting with Penn State, even if I believe they exposed a lesser TCU team, who then proceeded to lose to Texas. Texas!


This Saturday some major questions are sure to be answered. Can the PSU defense dig deep enough to stop the high-powered OSU offense led by Haskins? Will OSU be able to handle the diversity of not being able to score at will? And let us not forget…will Projected top 3 NFL draft pick Nick Bosa’s absence be felt at the Ohio State defensive core. I’ll tell you what, I’m happy he is sidelined. One thing is for certain. Vegas opened up giving Penn State four points. They are rarely too far off. This game will be a close one. I just hope on Sunday I wake up to PSU Barstool videos of inebriated fans flipping cars and throwing kegs from 7th story windows in State college. The Family Man has spoken. We Are!!!…

Game Predictions…

The atmosphere of Happy Valley is a real thing. Since 2013, PSU has been home underdogs 6 times. They covered in four of those contests and won three of them outright.

Pick: PSU +3.5


Penn State 28

Ohio State 24



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Week Four Evaluation of CFB

Well, week four of college football has come to an end and boy was it a good one. Granted from noon to roughly 7:00 PM I could’ve fallen asleep and not missed much, the later games put on a show that was enjoyable to watch. When it came to picking games this week in the top ten games I was 4-6-1 and outside of the top ten games 1-3, better luck next week. I mean for the first time all year I bought on Alabama against the spread and needless to say someone finally covers. Not to mention I didn’t account for how shitty Oklahoma’s defense truly is. Clemson and Notre Dame finally looked like top ten teams. Here’s my look at week four from a non-betting standpoint and give you my full evaluation of what I saw this week in college football.

Image result for nick saban urban meyerOne of my narratives remains true, Alabama and Ohio State are in a league of their own. You can make arguments to say Clemson or Georgia can make a run at them, but at the present time, I don’t see it. If Ohio State wins big next week at Penn State, the odds of the favorite to win the National Championship are going to change quite a bit. The Tide and the Buckeyes have the number 1 and 2 ranked offenses in the country and so far, no one has been able to slow them down. This may be as a result of both teams having a pretty easy schedule thus far outside of TCU and Texas A&M.

Image result for clemson georgia techClemson finally beat up on an opponent this weekend and did it in a fashion you expect from a top four team. The Tigers went into a hostile environment in Georgia Tech and handled it very well. Now Georgia Tech always seems like a light opponent but damn it that offense is always difficult to stop for anyone. They held an offense that averages 331 yards a game on the ground to half of that at 146 yards. Trevor Lawrence finally broke away from Kelly Bryant and it seems as if moving forward Lawrence is going to be QB1.

Image result for georgia missouri refGeorgia had themselves a barn burner where at times it felt like the refs might have taken the -14-spread laying out blocks for the Bulldogs and even ruling a questionable field goal as no good for Missouri. They held what many to believe as one of the best quarterbacks in the country, Drew Lock, to 0 touchdowns for the first time since Purdue last year where they lost 35-3 to the Boilermakers (I think that is the dumbest name out of any sport). Jake Fromm looked like his normal self, passing for over 200 yards and three touchdowns. Elijah Holyfield looked like an absolute monster though, seriously think if his dad, Evander Holyfield, had his size and physical capability he might have part of his ear and even knocked out Mike Tyson.

Image result for oklahoma army         I have no idea what the hell happened to Oklahoma, but whatever it was it showed this team doesn’t know what defense is. Army averages 314 yards on the ground with their elaborate offense that many have difficulty with, they hit that number and more against a top-five team in the country at their home field. Kyler Murray didn’t have great numbers because the Knights had the ball for a total of 44:41 minutes in a 60-minute football game. The Sooners we a 30 point favorite and the game went into overtime with the Sooners scoring quick, ultimately forcing a crucial 4th down for the Knights, and them not knowing how to handle a passing down throwing an interception to end the game.

Image result for stanford oregonHow did the rest of the top ten fair out? Well, Notre Dame switched quarterbacks and looked like the Browns putting in Baker Mayfield beating the shit out of Wake Forest. This is a good thing because college football is better when Notre Dame doesn’t suck. Auburn smacked the shit out of their SEC opponent after losing last week to LSU. The LSU Tigers were in a shootout against Louisiana Tech. Penn State beat up on the Fighting Illini on Friday night. Washington had a close game against Herm Edwards and Arizona State. The game of the night belongs to Stanford who down 17 came back on the road against Oregon beating them in overtime 38-31. The top ten did its job this week even though against the spread they were 6-4-1 as favorites ATS.

Image result for virginia tech oduThis week like many of the other weeks was not enjoyable, besides Virginia Tech and ODU. Of course, this upset comes after I talked highly about the Hokies, being the only team from the ACC to impress me thus far. Thanks, Hokie Town! Solid job making me look like a jackass. How in the hell are you going give up 28 points in the fourth quarter against a 0-3 team? Shout to the Monarchs though on their biggest win probably since they’ve been around.

Image result for kentucky mississippi stateWe also had another “upset” between the Kentucky Wildcats and Mississippi State Bulldogs where the Wildcats were getting nine points at home. This comes after Kentucky beat Florida two weeks prior in Gainesville. The Wildcats are 4-0 (2-0 in the SEC) under the YOUNGSTOWN native, Mark Stoops. I love it. Basketball schools this year are coming up and showing that they can play football pretty damn good as well.

Image result for texas tcuTexas finally got a win against a good team this week as well. Tom Herman proved that late night at the strip clubs will never impede on his ability to win big games. Just maybe we can say, “Texas is back”. That being said after back to back losses to Maryland in his first two years as coach of the Longhorns. It’s good for football when the Longhorns are relevant, so we pray they have continued success.

We are heading into week five and finally will get the matchups that we as fans deserve. I want to apologize even though I am not affiliated whatsoever with scheduling nor the NCAA, that you guys have had to put up with such horrible non-conference games that were great napping material. Hopefully, now we can move on and finally see closer games to the point where it’s enjoyable to say football is back. Welcome back to college football and if you hadn’t tuned in for the past four weeks, don’t worry you haven’t missed much.



Over-Hyped Heisman Assumptions

Heading into Week 4 it’s about that time we give you guys the “who was best against a mid-major school and bottom tier power 5 teams” aka Heisman candidates. I hate this because we are getting into conference play where most potential candidates start to fall off and show that they actually suck. Excuse me I don’t want to hurt the feelings of young men that are ultimately on pace to make millions of dollars to bust in the NFL. I am really not good at being sentimental. Granted I wouldn’t last a second in Division 1 football, judging I am built like a kicker and not Joey Julius out of Penn State (kid’s an animal). So, without further ado, I am going to give you my boss ass players through Week 4 who might hold up a trophy at the end of the year and get to premiere in a cool Nissan Heisman House commercial one day.

Image result for tua tagovailoa

Tua Tagovailoa-QB-Alabama

Well first off this is the only time since he’s entered the conversation where I actually looked at his last name and who can ever pronounce that on first glance deserves the Heisman more than anyone on this list. This to me is a no-brainer for the list. Alabama has put up no less than 50 points against all of the high school football, I mean all the teams they’ve played so far. Tua took the starting job from Jalen Hurts after night one like a bully on the playground stealing lunch money from the smallest kid out there (this is somewhat traumatic to me being a little guy). His stats so far have been amazing completing 36/50 pass attempts for a total of 646 yards and eight touchdowns. Those stats equate to a 233.3 passer rating and averaging 12.9 yards per completion. Glad to see he’s about to get into some solid competition here soon and by soon, I mean in November when they play LSU, Mississippi St., the juggernaut Citadel, and Auburn.

Image result for dwayne haskins

Dwayne Haskins Jr.-QB-Ohio State

So, yeah JT Barrett probably should’ve been a backup last year. I absolutely loved the kid and I fought tooth and nail of why he should be the starter all last year, but then Haskins played this year. Needless to say, this kid is the shit. He is the first Ohio State quarterback I’ve seen in my blossoming 25 years of life that actually has the potential to play in the NFL. Yeah, I said it the N-F-L. In three games so far, his numbers are superb completing 66/91 pass attempts for 890 yards and 11 touchdowns with one interception. His passer rating isn’t up there with Tua, but it’s still at 192.4 which is incredible and also 9.8 yards per completion. The Bucks haven’t really played a crazy schedule that makes you say “wow”, but they’ve taken on three power five conference teams, one of which is ranked in the top 20 and played in their home state. We get to see his big boy matchup of the year when he has to go into Happy Valley for their ever so intimidating “White Out”.

Image result for will grier

Will Grier-QB-WVU

Grier is the only person I know who would completely give up palm trees and beaches to go live in Morgantown, WV. Then again, WVU is one hell of a party school shout out to the Mountaineers. In a conference where literally, a defense is harder to find than a smile on Nick Saban his numbers are only going to increase over a period of time. The NC State game was canceled due to Hurricane Florence (all jokes aside we really hope everyone found safety) and he is still statistically up there with the best of them. Over only two games Grier has completed 46/60 pass attempts for 761 yards and nine touchdowns with one interception. His passer rating is right up there with Tua at 229.4 and he’s averaging 12.7 yards per completion. I don’t know what West Virginia does differently than the rest of the country but damn it keep on doing it (that’s called a subtle joke). He tore apart Tennessee and my hometown college Youngstown State in the first two weeks, which doesn’t seem like a hard task, but the Penguins were just in the National Championship two years ago in the FCS division. Tennessee is well, Tennessee who is just hoping to God they can keep a head coach. He faces absolutely a blistering schedule where he won’t face a ranked opponent until November 10 where he will face TCU. Don’t worry though Texas is on the schedule beforehand where all the strippers across the nation will be hoping Herman finds success, so he keeps his job and is able to throw more ones on recruiting trips.

Image result for kyler murray

Kyler Murray-QB-Oklahoma

Murray is also a part of the Land of the Lost Defenses and his numbers have been great so far. On a bright note, we have yet to see a flag plant, crotch grab and yelling at the opposing fans (which by the way I love Baker Mayfield). While Kyler is doing a great job his numbers in comparison to the others on this list are not as good. He has completed 49/73 for 863 yards with eight touchdowns and one interception. Murray is averaging 11.8 yards per attempt with a 199.9 quarterback rating. They were in a shootout with Iowa State this past week bouncing back from a loss last year, beat FAU who doesn’t understand the concept of defense, and UCLA who lost to the good ole Cincinnati Bearcats. Like many other teams in the country, they won’t play a single soul worth talking about until October 6 when they face Texas in the Red Stripp… I mean River Shootout and then TCU after.

The U is back, or is it? Catching you up on the 2018 Miami Hurricanes.

The University of Miami has had a rough past 15 years when it comes to being National Contenders. They are decent year in and out, just never fulfill the expectations big Canes’ fans had come to expect from them since the days of talented teams from South Florida in the 80s. The U is a decorated program, “swag” is a big part of the theme at Miami as well. There is no doubting the fact that Miami is a storied program with 5 national titles (should be 6 but that’s for another day) but as of today in 2018 how do the Canes currently preside? Are they back? Are they on track to being back? Or nowhere close?

80's U

To start they are in year 3 with head Coach Mark Richt and the coaching staff that came with him. He is finally getting his players into the program, and as many remember  when he was the head coach for UGA, he was known for all the South Florida talent he was able to bring in. Now he’s doing the same for the U and he doesn’t have to trek any further than his own backyard. There is no question the Canes are at least on the right track. They have NFL talent all over the field on both sides of the ball, but also have some obvious weak spots. Heading into this 4th week of College Football, the Canes are 2-1 and start ACC play next Thursday at home against UNC. As for this week there is one more interesting matchup before ACC play begins as FIU and beloved ex Miami Head Coach Butch Davis take on the Canes. Davis who is the person many Canes fans wanted before   Richt was ultimately hired, coached a few of the best Miami teams to ever play and gets a lot of credit for recruiting the players on their 2001 title (some say the best team ever) the year after Davis left the program  This will be an interesting match up in itself as the Canes look to prove they went with the right coach


As mentioned above the U will enter this game against FIU ( Florida International University) with a 2-1 record. Let’s take a quick reflection on the first 3 weeks, and what to expect going forward. The past success speaks for itself as stated above, the U is one of the most successful programs of all time, known as the “convicts” due to their hard play and swagger. You either loved them or you hate them, but you always respected them. In 2018 it’s not quite the same but there is a lot to be excited about going forward for the first time in a while.

Week One: The Canes faced a far superior team in LSU, who let’s be honest looks great at the moment, I won’t get into a few bad calls and the several terrible plays by Rosier that would have made it closer, but it was what it was. A sign that Miami is not yet a national contender, but it gives them a lot to play for as they need to prove the nay-sayers wrong more now than ever.

Week Two: The U dismantled Savannah State… what more must I say.

Week Three: The Canes went on the road to Toledo who were the MAC champions last year (proving further more the Canes aren’t scared to play tough non conference games) in what many speculated could be a close game, and as the Toledo fans sold their “U suck” t-shirts it still wasn’t enough and the Canes finished off Toledo in pretty simple fashion. 49-24.

Going forward there are pros and cons to look into, I will get more and more in-depth with each weeks reviews and previews. As we enter week 4 let’s just put a few things out there to keep an eye on.

Can you say O-line problems?? Wow it’s bad. We have wayyyy too much talent in the backfield and at wide out that doesn’t get used because the line can’t hold up. The QB situation is tough, I backed Rosier as many did for a long time, but I thought it was time for a change, I think we all did. Well he proved us wrong last week and I hope he continues to otherwise we better see Perry out there soon. I truly believe with him, JW13, Weldon, and the kid coming in that we have brought in the QB talent we need, but just are too young right now.

Another issue is can Manny Diaz be a great DC?? He was awful and rightfully ran away from Missouri but came over to the ‘Canes when Mark Richt did. He has defensive talent galore but can he put the right schemes together? He seems to have trouble with adjustments. Also can Head Coach Mark Richt be a winner? They always said he couldn’t win the big one at UGA, let’s hope he can prove that wrong at the U as well.

Mark Richt

There are some positives as the Canes D is loaded even though injuries haven’t helped. The injuries have also affected the offense as well, with all-American receiver Ahman Richards who is still out and Michael Irving Jr. is out for the year on that side of the ball as well. They need to see more turnover chains as I said earlier the Canes swag is what drives them and that chain has been big. There have been some pretty terrible knock off attempts by other schools but the original chain is what the U is all about. A few more positives to look at would be the recruiting classes that are coming in look great, the current talent is mainly young, and Richt recruits Florida well. As for 2018 the loss was not in conference so an ACC championship is still in play as well, and if this team can somehow run the table that LSU loss is starting not to look as much of a dagger on those College Football Playoff dreams


Will the 2018 Canes win it all? Probably not, can they be good and compete for the ACC crown? Possibly. They do seem to be trending in the right direction as in his first two seasons  Mark Richt went 8-4 with a bowl win, then 10-2 and ended the FSU losing streak as well as making an Orange Bowl appearance. Can they get back to winning national titles? We will see. There’s a lot to be excited about for fans, recruits, and alumni as they have been very vocal about wanting to help the program in any way.

Miami has been there and done that, they have also been at the bottom and are working their way back up. Are they back? You decide. I will go with on the right track and hope for the best. One thing I know that will remain the same after this weekends matchup with FIU is that in Miami, it always was, is, and always will be “all about the U”.

If you want to know my pick, just take this quote, if Miami loses Saturday it will be a huge blow to the program and fans can hang it up for this season. For the sake of Miami let’s hope they win by 50. Now realistically you can’t take anyone lightly, period, and a win is a win but I would like to see another 40 spot and to hold them under 20. Winning is first but player development is crucial as well. Either way let’s hope the boys get after it this weekend, and show Florida who really runs this state.



First week trivia- What is the name of the Canes Mascot, what type of “bird” is it, and why is it important when it comes to Hurricanes? Real Canes fans should get this quick! I ask this because the new turnover chain has caused a lot of fans to mistakenly call it a “pelican”. Shaking my head.


College Football Week 4 Picks

Here is the blog where I try and act like I am Vegas, sounds pretty damn stupid when you say it out loud. Growing up I was taught one thing by my stepdad, “Vegas wasn’t built off winners”, but yet I find my degenerate ass trying to be the man who wins on parlays and beat the spread. In my mind, everything is a lock. If I pick it, it’s winning, I am right your wrong. Don’t @ me. During this wonderful season of lopsided non-conference games, the favorites have covered 46.3% of the time. For those of you that don’t like percentages and rather have records that’s 107-119-5, if you’re too simple-minded to understand that, the favorites have won 107 of 231 games against the spread. Math is one hell of a drug. This week I am going to give you a breakdown of my “Dear God I hope I am right picks” for the top ten College Football games and if I feel spontaneous enough I might even drop one or two games outside of the top ten (that’s called foreshadowing).

Penn State vs. Illinois- 9:00 PM- Friday- 9/21

We have a classic powerhouse BIG Ten school versus a prominent high school football team. The (cat)Fighting Illini have made a living off beating the dominant MAC school, Kent State and the polarizing Missouri Valley Conference team, Western Illinois (shout out to Youngstown State beat that ass this weekend). They lost to USF at home 25 to 19. I don’t even know why I am giving this attention right now. I’ll just get to the pick Penn State is 2-1 as a favorite this year and since 2010 is 33-31-3 in conference play ATS compared to Illinois who is 28-38 ATS. I’m going to ride with Penn State to cover the 28 points. Even though the Lions haven’t impressed me much and can easily overlook this game with the Buckeyes coming to town next week.

Georgia vs. Missouri- 12:00 PM- Saturday-9/22

Watch out now the SEC is getting into conference play, so we finally get to watch great SEC teams’ body lesser SEC teams. Since Barry Odom took over at Missouri in 2015 the Tigers are 10-14 ATS in conference games compared to Kirby Smart who took over the Bulldogs in 2016 who is 12-7 ATS in conference games. The Bulldogs are also 14-10 (2-1 this year) ATS as favorites and 6-2 as away favorites. Needless to say, I am laying down the 14 point spread and taking the Bulldogs.

Notre Dame vs. Wake Forest- 12:00 PM- Saturday-9/22

Well, guys here it is, if you’ve read this and said he’s taken all of the favorites this is where I throw the curveball. Notre Dame has done absolutely nothing for me to say, “Hey ND is going to cover and molly wop the shit out of Wake Forest”. Even with the downside of the ACC, I am not sold on the Irish who have had three straight home games and only covered the spread once. I am willing to take the 7.5 points I am getting against the Irish and take a Demon Deacon team who is 0-3 ATS this year.

Ohio State vs. Tulane- 3:30 PM- Saturday- 9/22

It seems as if the Buckeyes have taken a page out of Nick Saban’s book and put a girl scout team before a big conference game. I am not even going to acknowledge this or go into statistics. Ohio State covers the 37 points.

Alabama vs. Texas A&M- 3:30 PM-Saturday- 9/22

I had to double take and make sure I read this right. Holy shit! Alabama is actually playing a ranked opponent. Oh wait, the Aggies are now a part of the SEC, go figure. The Tide are 54-42-1 ATS in conference play under Saban compared to the Aggies who are 37-51-1 ATS. Unless Johnny Manziel comes out and plays QB after a night of rolling up fresh 100-dollar bills in the bathroom I see no hope the Aggies cover the 27-point spread against Tua and the Tide. In case you missed it, last week Bama won 62-7 on the road and haven’t scored less than 50 points so far this year.

Clemson vs. Georgia Tech- 3:30 PM- Saturday-9/22

I am not sold on Clemson this year, but I am also not a heavy fan of Georgia Tech being the team to knock them off. Here’s my shocker though I am going to take the 16.5 points BetCity777 is giving me and take Georgia Tech. The Tigers are 46-38-1 since Dabo took over in 2008, but right behind them at 42-37-5 since Paul Johnson took over in 2008 is Georgia Tech. The reason I am not sold on Clemson is the slow starts and most of all quarterback play by the Tigers. They also have a record 17-19 ATS as away favorites since 2008.

Oklahoma vs. Army- 7:00 PM- Saturday-9/22

Do I really have to give you statistical data of why I think Oklahoma is going to cover 31.5 points at home after a mediocre performance against Iowa State? God Bless our military but come on now.

LSU vs. Louisiana Tech- 7:00 PM-Saturday-9/22

You guys are going to start to think I am getting lazy with my explanation, but LSU at home in a “juggernaut” non-conference game. I’ll lay down the 21 points, I am all in on Joey Burrows.

Auburn vs. Arkansas-7:30 PM-Saturday-9/22

I guess I’ll have some fun with this. Auburn is absolutely terrible ATS, even after they lose which they’re 8-10. Arkansas is 10-6 ATS as the away underdog. Give me those 30 points baby! I am rolling with the Razorbacks to cover. NOT SO FAST MY FRIEND, Auburn is 25-17 since 2013 in conference play when Gus Malzahn took over the Tigers. I see them pummeling the Razorbacks after a loss last week to LSU and trying to bounce back in a heavy way. You guys see how I did that there? That’s called creativity and originality.

Stanford vs. Oregon- 8:00 PM- Saturday- 9/22

Finally, a game where the spread is manageable. Stanford is 42-25-1 since 2011when David Shaw took over compared to the Ducks who are 4-5 ATS in conference games. Why is this game so interesting? Stanford blew out the Ducks last year 49-7 at home. Now they have to travel to Oregon who is starting to show signs of the old Ducks that we know and love. I look at this as a game to showcase their abilities. I am going to take Stanford and lay down the two points, but I’ve never been iffier on a game. I really think the Ducks can shock them, any more than three points and I would take Oregon.

Washington vs. Arizona State- 10:30 PM- Saturday- 9/22

No one is going to be awake for this game anyways, but I am taking Washington who is somehow still in the hunt for a College Football Playoff berth. The spread on this game is 17.5 and I feel like that’s a fair margin due to the fact that Washington really isn’t a bad team. If the game against Auburn was a true non-conference road game instead of in Atlanta, that game could’ve been extremely different.

Outside of Top Ten games to watch:

TCU -3.5 vs. Texas- 4:30 PM- Saturday- 9/22

Boston College vs. Purdue +6.5- 12:00 PM- Saturday- 9/22

Texas Tech vs. Oklahoma State -13- 7:00 PM-Saturday-9/22

Wisconsin vs. Iowa +3- 8:30 PM- Saturday- 9/22

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