Jimmy G, Goes Down with Broken Knee

Late in a game that saw the 49ers trying desperately to make a comeback against the Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs offensive juggernaut, we saw Jimmy Garoppolo leave the game with an apparent non contact knee injury.

Tough to see something like that happen to a guy trying to prove himself as a Franchise quarterback and especially one that just signed a a five-year, $137.5 million deal.  Jimmy G had shown some flashes today of what many across the league saw last year during a 5 game stretch that saw him lead the 49ers to a 5-0 record to end the year. Many in San Francisco where having dreams of their next Joe Montana leading their team back to the Super Bowl, possibly as a dark horse this season.

That dream unfortunately seems to be over, at least for this year. Although we have not gotten a formal diagnosis yet, anyone with a brain can tell that is a ACL tear and clearly with all the reports coming out since, the 49ers believe that to be true as well. It’s a unfortuate turn of events for Jimmy but he should be able to bounce back next season with this 49ers team a little more experienced and have a shot at a NFL title for years to come.

The thing that bothers me about this play and I’m sure what Jimmy himself is thinking about right now is why in the world didn’t he just go out-of-bounds? The non contact cut he made was right into a defender that he had no chance of getting by. That’s certainly not something he learned from TB12 because Brady would have either gone out of bounds or slid down about 5 yards before that. (And probably drawn a 15 yd penalty for someone breathing on him).

This was my main concern when everyone was on the Jimmy G hype train last year and to begin this season. I had serious doubts about this guy being able to stay healthy. He’s not a big dude and the way he plays opens himself up to take big hits either in the pocket, where he will hold to ball long enough to make the right throw, or by scrambling out to run where his body clearly can’t take the toll of a NFL talent bearing down on him and laying the hit. Just look at the play he got injured on 2 years ago when Kiko Alonso put a hit on him that resulted in a shoulder injury.

Even thought yes, he did take a huge hit on this play, and in 2018 that might be a roughing the passer penalty, (Smh) he needs to be more aware that his body is not made to take that kind of beating.

Well the upside for Jimmy G is he is still the sexiest QB in the league and will have more time to date porn stars now that he will no longer be playing football this year. Sort of a lose-win situation. But for his sake and that of the league we hope to see him back out there spinning it next year because he is one of the young talented QB’s that will carry the NFL into the next decade.

What if…Tom Brady Was Drafted to The ___________? A Hypothetical Look at How Tom Brady Might Have Done If the Patriots Didn’t Draft Him.

We all know the illustrious story of Tom Brady and the career he has compiled with the New England Patriots. Sixth round pick, 199th overall turns out to be 5x Champion, 4x SB MVP, 3x NFL MVP, winningest quarterback of all time…blah blah etc. etc. the list goes on and on… We’ve also heard it a million times, forwards and backwards, that if he didn’t have Bill Belichick or that Belichick never had Brady that neither would be quite as successful and be renown as the GOATs of their respective professions. But what if that were really true and Brady had never been drafted by the Patriots and instead he went to another NFL team? Would Brady have had the same success elsewhere? Would he survive without Belichick, and the “Patriot Way”?

ESPN recently dropped excerpts from a new book soon to come out about Bill Belichick’s career titled “Belichick: The Making of the Greatest Football Coach of All Time” written by ESPN reporter Ian O’Connor. The excerpts had anonymous sources claiming that Brady has “had enough” and “feels trapped” in regards to his longtime coach and that he would “divorce” from Belichick if he could. Now this wouldn’t be the first time we have seen a hit piece written about Tom Brady or Bill Belichick by a ESPN writer, and one that may possibly be filled with inaccuracies or just straight up lies. It’s almost required writing in their newsroom at this point. But what if there is some factuality to this story and Brady truly thinks he could have had the same success elsewhere. Let’s hypothetically explore what could have happened if Brady had went to one of these six other teams that drafted a quarterback before the GOAT in the 2000 NFL Draft, and what his career might have been if he didn’t end up in New England coached by the “Hooded One”.

Disclaimer: Yes, I know the scrawny ass, 22 year old Brady would never have been drafted as high as some of the QB’s picked in this draft unless their GM’s at the time were driving the Delorean from Back to the Future, but let’s play along.

New York Jets Jets logo

It’s already bad enough for Jets fans to think about how they let Bill Belichick escape their grasp and move to their division rival Patriots, who have subsequently put them over one knee and spanked their behinds for the past 18 seasons. But don’t forget they took Chad Pennington 18th overall and could have taken Brady there or with any other of their almost unprecedented four 1st round picks they had that year. But let’s say Brady was taken with that 18th pick, by Al Groh, longtime assistant to Bill Parcells and also Bill Belichick during his tenure in Cleveland. Maybe Groh sees the same qualities in Brady that made Belichick believe in him. He makes him the 2nd string quarterback behind Vinny Testaverde and he sits the bench his first year like he did in the New England. Groh leaves after one year, Herm Edwards is the new Jets Coach and thinks after a 1-2 start that old ass Vinny has got to go and it’s Brady time. The Jet’s have a decent team that year and Brady shows some of the same magic he did in New England his first year and carries them to the playoffs. They don’t win the Super Bowl but the fans are convinced Brady is the guy and the Jets stick with him. He has 4-5 years of 9-7, 8-8 seasons, puts up decent stats but has to deal with the turmoil and dysfunction that has defined the Jet’s franchise for years along with the pressure of the New York media. Herm Edwards proves he can’t handle said media and loses his mind with rants about how “You play to win the game!!” and is eventually replaced. Things continue on for a few more seasons before Rex Ryan shows up in 2009.  Rex, albeit it always controversial and a little strange, (especially the feet thing) can coach some fucking defense and gives Brady a team that can actually help him get to the Super Bowl. It doesn’t happen in 2009, but in 2010 and 2011 Brady hits his stride and the New York Jets win the Super Bowl in back to back seasons. Calm down Jets fans this is a hypothetical scenario. Brady is the king of New York, he becomes the Derek Jeter of football and dates every Victoria Secret model in the catalog and begins to build his TB12 brand. Except this time it’s built around being a fashion icon/celebrity. They go on to be serious contenders in the AFC for the next couple years and then drop off a cliff in 2015. Brady and Rex grow to hate each other and the whole thing falls apart. Brady has some mediocre numbers on some dysfunctional Jet’s teams before being traded to the Cleveland Browns to end his career. We all know that doesn’t go well and he retires after the 2017 season as a 40 Year old washed-up QB that once showed greatness. His numbers end up being good enough for a Hall of Fame bid along with the 2 Super bowl titles, but everyone says that it was the defenses he had that carried those teams. Coincidentally he’s viewed in the same light as Eli Manning is today. Never really that great but “Hey, he did win two Super Bowls”.


San Fransico 49ers 49ers Logo

The 49ers take Brady here with the 65th pick of the draft instead of Giovanni Carmazzi. Tommy Brady loves it because he gets to play for his hometown team that he grew up watching with dreams he would become the next Joe Montana one day. That dream comes true but he sits on the bench behind Jeff Garcia, who actually plays fairly well even though the 49ers finish a disappointing 6-10. Brady learns a lot about being an NFL legend from Jerry Rice, who actually played with Montana, and Brady matures quickly in his first year. Jeff Garcia pulls a hammy week two of the season and just like he did in New England, Tom takes over an already talented team and leads them to a Super Bowl his first year as a starter. Steered by a QB minded coach in Steve Mariucci, Brady quickly learns and comprehends the West Coast offense and thrives in it. He has a loose cannon, but extremely talented wide-out in Terrell Owens. He convinces Terrell to chill out with the driveway sit-ups and they get on the same page and quickly become the most dominant QB-WR combo in the league. The 49ers, who were still a well-run organization at this point, realize the potential they have in Brady and surround him with talent. This may be hard to believe, but I think he possibly has an even better career with the 49ers than he has had in New England. You can’t discount Brady’s drive to be greater than his idol Joe Montana and in San Fran he hears those comparisons come through even louder, as he is the quarterback of the same team Montana played for. He wins his first three titles during the 2000’s, and in 2011 and 2013 he wins two more. The team has a couple of sub par seasons in a row and people question if he is washed up and no longer the once great QB he was. Finally in 2016 he wins his unprecedented 6th title and rides off into the sunset. He has no aspirations of playing until he’s 45. He’s lived his dream on the team he always wanted to play for, and done it better than the guy they previously called GOAT in San Francisco.


Baltimore Ravens  Ravens Logo

The Baltimore Ravens are the one of the more interesting what ifs in our little experiment here. Particularly for the fact that it was Brady and the Patriots that stood in the way of many great Ravens teams from deep postseason runs. And vice versa, the Ravens have given Brady his fair share of playoff nightmares. So what if with the 75th pick in the 3rd round the Ravens selected Brady instead of Chris Redman? You could argue the success of the Ravens and Patriots franchises could be swapped, and it would be the Patriots with two Super Bowls since the 2000 season and the Ravens anointed as the premier NFL dynasty with five or six. Considering Brady would have been a rookie in 2000, the year a historic Ravens defense basically carried a dead corpse of a quarterback in Trent Dilfer to a Super Bowl victory, we can count that as one Super Bowl win in the bank. But what about after that? It’s easy to forget that those early 2000’s Patriots teams were not carried by Brady to their three Super Bowl victories in four years. It was their  tough, well coached defense along with a mixture of the still young and developing Tommy Brady and hard-nosed rushing attack that the Patriots would lean on when Brady just didn’t have it that day (which really used to happen). In fact I remember many a game that Brady would go 12 for 20 with 140 yds and 1 TD, and yet the Patriots would still win 17-10. Not exactly GOAT numbers. That’s why I also believe Brady would have definitely been in the same realm of success with a loaded Ravens defense behind him. A defense that seemed to stay among the best in the league for the entirety of the 2000’s and into the next decade.  I mean the “elite” Joe Flacco took this defense to a SB win at the tail end of their run. So who’s to say Brady couldn’t have gotten at least three or four titles with them. No doubt he would be in a much tougher overall division than the AFC least, and would have had to contend with some tough Steelers teams over the years. Also, he would have had to compete with a Patriots team that still would have boasted a classic Bill Belichick defense that could scheme up ways to give Brady fits come the playoffs. Regardless Brady is still successful and him and Ray Lewis go down as the best offensive/defensive player combo that the league has ever seen.


Pittsburgh Steelerssteelers logo

The Steelers feel almost like the twin brother of how the Ravens scenario could have gone with Brady. They too had a few tough 2000’s teams that saw their Super Bowl dreams squashed by Brady and his Patriots. So instead of replaying that scenario let’s think about how Brady would have fared if instead of Ben Roethlisberger, they had Brady playing with the talented but disappointing Steeler teams of the past few seasons. A team that has boasted one of the most explosive offenses in football.  In this scenario, Brady, in twilight or prime of his career has weapons around him the likes of Antonio Brown, Le’Veon Bell and Juju Smith-Schuster. He also would have had Martavis Bryant for a couple of years and might have convinced him that avocado ice cream is a better guilty pleasure than bong rips and blunts. And while it’s not all on Big Ben that the Steelers haven’t had more success over these past few seasons, (their defense has consistently let them down as well), but he also has not played at the absurdly high level the ageless GOAT has. Brady has one of the greatest statistical runs in NFL history with this team. It doesn’t mean they win countless Super Bowls though. The Steelers have one of the worst controlled locker rooms in the league under HC Mike Tomlin and their players are more likely to be posting Instagram videos in the locker room than studying film. He wins the same Super Bowls with the Steelers that Big Ben has won and gets another one in 2015, but is inevitably less successful than he should have been. With his Steelers teams being a consistent pick to win the Super Bowl each year, but continuously falling short, Brady gets frustrated with the lack of success and feels like the “old man yelling at cloud” when it comes to his teammates, often clouds full of weed smoke and suspensions. He ends up being traded to the 49ers to end his career. Once there he never truly recaptures the success he once had and retires at the age of 40 as a 3x Super Bowl Champion and sure-fire Hall of Famer, but certainly not considered the GOAT.

New Orleans Saints   Saints Logo

Won’t spend a ton of time here because it could be easily argued that if Brady and Drew Brees swapped places they would have the same amount of success that the other respective QB has had. But if the Saints were to have selected Brady over Marc Bulger in the sixth round of the 2000 Draft, would Brady have actually made the team instead of being cut like Bulger was? It’s possible he doesn’t, but let’s say he does and he joins a Saints team that had been one of the consistent basement dwellers of the NFL.  And although they basically played .500 ball from the years 2000-2005 they were still always considered a joke franchise in the eyes of many in the league. With Brady not much changes over those years, he plays OK but not great, and the Saints are never really taken seriously. But all that changes when Sean Payton arrives in 2006. Coming off a year of trials and tribulations dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, this new revamped Saints team starts dominating teams with their prolific offense. Playing his home games in the Superdome he racks up absurd numbers for many years and ultimately becomes the most statistically accomplished Quarterback in league history. He wins two Super Bowls in 2009 and 2011, but he then struggles carrying a team that can’t stop a nosebleed on defense post Bountygate. But then he rebuilds himself in the same TB12 Method that we are familiar with and the Saints become very relevant contenders like they have been the past two seasons. Brady makes it to two more Super Bowls, losing one, and ends up as a 3x Super Bowl champ. New Orleans loves and endears him as the first player to ever bring true success to their city and they let him play until he chooses to retire which ends up being 3 years later than it should have been. He is a first ballot HOFer and rides off into the sunset, highly regarded as the 2nd best QB of all time behind Joe Montana.


Cleveland Browns Helmet Browns

Here’s the team we’ve all been waiting for…What if the Cleveland Browns had taken Tom Brady instead of Spergon Wynn with the 183rd pick of the draft. This is the most likely what if out of these scenarios because Wynn was only taken 16 spots before the Patriots took Brady at 199. Would Brady fall victim to the same ill-fated history of the other Cleveland Brown quarterbacks drafted over the years? Would we even know the name Tom Brady? Or would he just be a guy whose name was added to the back of the famous Cleveland Browns quarterback jersey alongside Couch, Detmer, and Quinn? (His name sort of fits on that jersey if you look at it.)Untitled


Brady gets drafted to a pitiful 2000 Browns team, one of the worst in the history of the franchise, which says a lot. They were a team that finished the year scoring a horrendous average of 10.06 ppg, the third worst ever since the NFL moved to a 16 game schedule. Brady gets thrown out there way too soon, and hears the boo birds very early because they remember him in Cleveland, Ohio from his University of Michigan days up in Ann Arbour. He plays sporadically his rookie season, splitting time with Tim Couch but the season is a disaster and he goes into his second year with Butch Davis as the new head coach. This is where things get very interestingIt’s easy to forget amidst the fog of traditional Cleveland Brown stinkery, but when Butch Davis was hired he was projected to be a huge signing for the Browns after returning the Miami Hurricanes program to their once former glory. He went 7-9 and then 9-7 his first two seasons and looked to be on a path to becoming a perennial contender in the AFC. With Brady he actually has a young talented QB that he can build a team around and he tells the disappointing Tim Couch to go find a burning river to jump in. Before we get too excited, and hypothesize another Tom Brady miracle of a career, lets not forget it’s still the Cleveland Browns. But even so Brady plays well and the Browns go 10-6 two years in a row before having a breakout year in 2005 where they go 12-4 and make it to the AFC championship game. They’re poised to win the game, but end up losing in dramatic and unbelievable fashion when they allow a last second hail mary to cost them their trip to the Super Bowl. (Told you it was still the Browns) Brady never forgives the coaching staff and while he plays terrific football for the next couple years including his first NFL MVP and first ever for a Browns quarterback in 2007, he still isn’t happy. The Browns, who are sick of dealing with him, make the insanely idiotic move of trading their MVP Quarterback for three future first round picks. A move that goes down in history as the dumbest trade of all time because Brady then goes on to lead the (fill in the blank, doesn’t matter) to 4 Super Bowl titles and is widely regarded as the best QB in the history of the game. Cleveland dwells in the basement of the league for the next 11 seasons and their fans wonder what could have been if they had kept their beloved Tom Brady. All because one last time, it’s still the Cleveland Browns. 










Possum Found at Browns Stadium Last Night, NEEDS to be the New Mascot

Disclaimer: Before we get started, don’t haggle me about when I should be using Possum or Opossum. Literally no one except the nerds on Animal Planet knows the difference on that. 

Last night we saw the Cleveland Browns pull off their first win in 21 months off the heels of a stellar comeback performance led by Rookie QB Baker Mayfield. But before that happened this delightful little fella was found roaming the stands pre-game. And while I’ve never been a fan of any rodents, especially possums, (who essentially look like giant rats) this cannot be written off as a mere “only in Cleveland” type of story. That little guy needs to have a name and officially be the teams mascot by next week, along with being kept in a cage on the sidelines so that Baker Mayfield can feed him crackers in between touchdown drives. This team has been historically awful over the past two years 1-31-1 before last night. All of a sudden this guy shows up and the Browns and Baker Mayfield turn around a game that had most of us thinking midway way through the second quarter, “well it is still the Cleveland Browns“.  It CANNOT be written off as mere coincidence!

A possum is the perfect mascot for this team, possums are historically the survivors of the animal food chain, they will rummage through your garbage and consume trash and not give a shit what anyone thinks about them. They will look you straight in the face and say “fuck you, I’m knocking over your garbage cans and eating last week’s rotting bologna and there’s nothing you can do to stop it”. Very similar to how loyal Cleveland Browns fans will consume the garbage their team has put on the field for the past two decades.

I know they already have “Chomp” the dog that represents the Dog Pound in their stadium, but he has had worse luck than the dogs that ended up at Michael Vick’s house, (I fucking love dogs, relax PETA.) They also have some strange-looking elf guy “Brownie” as another mascot. A guy that looks like he should be one of the lost boys from Peter Pan rather than a NFL Mascot.


So if John Dorsey is the brilliant GM everyone in Cleveland thinks he is, than he needs to have this mascot ready to roll out by their next home game Oct 7th against the Ravens. Screw it, don’t even wait for then. Throw this little guy a parade this Sunday since the Brown’s are off this weekend now. I mean they threw a goddamn parade when their team went 0-16, so why not for this. They have finally found the good luck charm that could turn one of the worst franchises in sports history into winners. You can’t let that slip away. I mean I’m all for them painting this little guy in a shade of orange and brown and putting his ugly ass on their helmets. They can’t look any worse.

With this team looking forward to a couple winnable games in the Raiders next week and then the Ravens at home, we could be seeing the possum and his magic carry these Browns to their first win streak since……God I don’t even want to look because I’m sure it’s embarrassing, and that’s not what Cleveland fans need today. They need to celebrate their team and remember the next time there is an opossum (think I got it right there) going through their trash at 3am, that rabid little creature is more like them than they think.



The Battle of the Troubled Organizations

Well first off let me say as a Browns fan I am so damn pumped for tonight it’s ridiculous. I am calling it now Cleveland, you guys are going to be showering yourself in some cold Bud Light tonight! LETS GO! First win in almost two damn years! That being said it’s coming against the Jets who as of late are only really remembered for the famous “butt fumble” by the last USC Quarterback to flop in the NFL, Mark Sanchez.

Image result for mark sanchez butt fumble

Since 2016 these two teams have combined for a marvelous record of 12-55-1, holy shit. That’s a 17% win percentage between two organizations over a two year period and this year. Something has got to give for one of these teams.

The Browns will have their famous first pick riding the pine tonight while the Jets will be show casing their first pick in, Sam Darnold. So far, Darnold is what we thought he was, he throws a shit ton of picks. In fact he has thrown three picks and three touchdowns. I mean he has completed 41 out of 62 passes for 532 yards in two games and that’s what I expected from him. A young quarterback that makes dumbass decisions. He’s going to have his hands full with a team that loves to get turnovers (1st in the NFL with 8 turnovers) so far this season. To bad the Browns have no idea how to find an endzone or know how to put the ball through the uprights. I wish you guys knew how hard it is to write about two teams who are so shitty. Anyways, the Jets don’t give up a lot of yards (5th in the NFL with 596 yards) which is great because the Browns also don’t produce a lot of yards so don’t expect this to be a shootout. Instead expect this to be turnover after turnover judging right behind the Browns on takeaways are the Jets with a total of seven so far this year. Needless to say, the Jets are a long ways away from Broadway Joe wearing an extravagant coat and winning a Super Bowl.Image result for joe namath cigarette

Now onto the Browns, whom under the great leadership of Hue Jackson are 1-32-1 so far. I laughed out loud as I put that because I am pretty sure that Alabama would put up better numbers in the NFL than the Browns over a two year period. The Browns have a solid running attack ranking 4th in the NFL with 135 yards per game. Sadly, the Browns are ranked 27th in passing yards at 192 yards and have yet been able to prove they can score off a turnover. The Browns are actually tied at 24th with the Eagles (who are still celebrating their Super Bowl win) for points so far this season at 39 total points over two games. If it doesn’t happen tonight you can mark my words now, BAKER BAKER TOUCHDOWN MAKER is going to be at the top of every NFL blog I do.                                                 Image result for baker mayfield kansas

Dear God just please win this game. I promise you God I will never ever ever ever make fun of anyone else if you just give me five to six games to be happy about this year. Ok so, that was the biggest bullshit lie I ever made, but you get it. Just let that blue collar city shower itself in Bud Light tonight and rejoice in a win they haven’t seen since 2016. I am almost positive this would bring more celebration to the city than when the Cavs came back from 3-1 and won the hearts of America. Just give me Jarvis Landry, on top of the Dawg Pound yelling, “Cleveland this is for you!” and I will personally start the petition to get a banner hung up talking about “that bitch ass shit is contagious”. LeBron is gone, the Indians don’t look incredible this year, please give that city something.                                            Image result for jarvis landry hard knocks


NFL Week 3 Picks, Make Yo Self Some Money this Weekend!

Week 3 of the NFL season is upon us, and after the first two weeks NFL favorites are 19-11-2 against the spread. Picking NFL games is as hard as ever especially early on in the season so that’s why we’re here to help. This is our first post containing our weekly picks brought to you in conjunction by myself and Ricky “the bookie” Jones along with his sidekick, Hesh “the degenerate”. Ricky will provide the picks based off where he sees the money coming in, and how the sharps are viewing this weeks match-ups. Hesh will provide insider info, like how he knows Philip Rivers knocked up his wife again for their 11th child, and so he likes the Chargers this week. Or how a certain kicker likes to party and do cocaine when in Miami, so fade that team this weekend. And I’ll give you a brief analysis of said picks because Ricky doesn’t write so well. (That’s what happens when you drop out in the 9th grade and start a sports book). 

Also at the bottom we will give you a parlay play of the week for you true degenerates out there, along with the locks of the week you should hammer. Added as well will be the the picks from Sportaholic Preposterous’ own Mike Fabian and Paul Liacos. We will keep a running tally all season and see if Michael and I can “beat the book” when it comes to picking games this season.



Jets @ Browns: Thursday Night 8:20 PM ET: Browns -3

Darnold and the Jet’s struggled against a tough Miami Dolphins’ defense last weekend, things won’t get easier traveling to the Dog Pound in Cleveland. The Browns finally win their first game in 21 Months but they don’t cover. The book likes the Jets +3 



Bills @ Vikings: Sunday 1:00 PM ET: Vikings -16.5 

The spread is huge and usually you take the dog with the spread like this, but the Bills are on pace to be historically bad. You shouldn’t pick them in any game this season unless it’s a table breaking contest: Vikings cover -16.5



Giants @ Texans: Sunday 1:00 PM ET: Texans -6 

The book likes the Giants to rebound this week after an embarrassing performance on Sunday night against the Cowboys. Texans have looked shaky so far this season with a 0-2 start and Bill O’Brien will soon be on the hot seat after this game. 🚨UPSET ALERT🚨: The book likes the Giants to win outright in Houston 



Packers @ Redskins: Sunday 1:00 PM ET: Packers -3 

The Packers are a sub par at best road team, the book sees this as a close game and anticipates Alex Smith catching fire and pulling out a huge win at home in a rebound from last weeks stinker against the Colts. 🚨UPSET ALERT🚨. Skins’ win outright 



49ers @ Chiefs: Sunday 1:00 PM ET: Chiefs -6.5 

Sexy ass Jimmy G waltzes into Arrowhead and slangs the rock all over the field against a Chiefs secondary that has looked terrible thus far. Mahomes falls back to reality and throws a couple picks. The book likes 49ers +6.5 



Raiders @ Dolphins: Sunday 1:00 PM ET: Dolphins -3 

The book likes the Dolphins this week in the most unwatchable game of the weekend. Phins move to 3-0 on the season, and Gruden starts hearing the Grumors about himself after this loss and the Raiders fall to 0-3:  Dolphins cover



Colts @ Eagles: Sunday 1:00 PM ET: Eagles -6.5 

Book sees this as a closer game than people think, Carson Wentz in his first game back will struggle early against a surprising Colts team led by the reemergence of Andrew Luck. Eagles rally and win by a field goal late: Colts +6.5 



Titans @ Jaguars: Sunday 1:00 PM: Jags -6.5 

Jags coming off a stellar performance at home will do the same thing this week against the Titans and prove they are now top dog in AFC. The book likes the Jags in a blowout over a Titans team that has played very inconsistent and may be without Mariota who will most likely be a game time decision this week.  Jags cover 



Bengals @ Panthers: Sunday 1:00 PM ET: Panthers -3 

The book likes the Panthers at home in this match-up of dominant big cats. Carolina forces 2+ turnovers and that should be all its takes at home. Cincinnati, without Joe Mixon suffers first loss of the season. Panthers cover 



Broncos @ Ravens: Sunday 1:00 PM ET: Ravens -5.5  

Ravens play great at home, Chase Daniels struggles this week against a Ravens defense that rebounds from a disappointing performance in Week 2. Baltimore blows out the Broncos at home. The book likes Ravens to cover



Saints @ Falcons: Sunday 1:00 PM ET: Falcons -3 

Rivalry game this week in an AFC south match-up of two preseason favorites in the NFC. Game could go either way and Vegas sees the money coming in early on the Falcons. Matt Ryan and that offense are tough to beat at home. The book likes Falcons to cover



Chargers @ Rams: Sunday 4:05 PM ET: Rams -7 

Rams are the best team in the league and it’s not even close at this point. The book has the Rams running away with this game early on and the Chargers struggle to move the ball all day against a loaded defense. The book likes Rams to cover



Bears @ Cardinals: Sunday 4:25 PM ET: Bears -6 

Chicago might have the best defense in football after the Rams. Cardinals have looked atrocious thus far this season and Sam Bradford may end up in the morgue when this game is through. In a low scoring game the book likes the Bears to cover



Cowboys @ Seahawks: Sunday 4:25 PM ET: Seahawks -1.5 

Seahawks offense looked horrible against the Bears strong defense last Monday night but the book has them to finding a way to win this game late on a field goal against a Dallas team coming off a big win at home against the Division rival Giants. The book likes the Seahawks to cover. 



Patriots @ Lions: Sunday 8:20 PM ET: Patriots -6.5 

Patriots bounce back big time in Detroit after a terrible performance last week in Jacksonville. The Pats in the Belichick era rarely drop 2 games in a row. Won’t matter that they’re facing their old DC in Matt Patricia. Brady has a GOAT performance. The book likes the Patriots to cover 



Steelers @ Bucs: Monday 8:15 PM ET: Steelers -1 

Steelers look like a team in turmoil with Antonio Brown skipping a day of practice this week. Bucs’ are coming off a crazy hot start and the crowd will be jumping for the first time in a while on Monday night in Tampa Bay. Fitzmagic continues his hot start and makes Jameis Winston reminisce about what his career could have been if he didn’t have the makings of a presumed sex offender. The book likes the Bucs’ +1

Parlay Play of the Week: Money Line – Skins’, Falcons, Rams, Bears, Ravens

Locks of the week: Ravens -5.5, 49ers +6.5, Bears -6

Fabian’s Picks:

Browns -3 (Homer Pick), Bills +16.5, Giants +6, Packers -3, Kansas City -6.5, Dolphins -3, Eagles -6.5, Jags -6.5, Panthers -3, Broncos +5.5, Falcons -3, Rams -7, Cardinals +6, Seattle -1.5, Patriots -6.5, Buccaneers +1

Locks of the Week: Jags -6.5, Rams -7, Seahawks -1.5

Pauly Yacos’ Picks: 

Browns -3, Vikings – 16.5, Texans -3, Packers -3, 49ers +6.5, Dolphins -3, Colts +6.5, Titans +6.5, Bengals +3, Ravens -5.5, Falcons -3, Rams -7, Bears -6, Cowboys +1.5, Patriots -6.5 Bucs’ +1

Locks of the Week: Patriots -6.5, Bears -6, Bucs’ +1


Tune is next week to find out who’s picks were absolute trash, and who comes out on top. Along with an entire breakdown and picks of Week 4 NFL games.


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