Week 6 College Football Evaluation

Well, folks, it’s time for the wonderful time of the week where I drop some knowledge and discuss what we saw in College Football the previous weekend. Like I had predicted it was clearly upset week and a couple teams made their chances on embarking in a journey in the College Football Playoff a lot harder and some may be eliminated for good. The two juggernauts who are on a major collision course maintained their success, while others fell victim to conference road games.

TEXAS IS BACK! Longhorns fans for years have been waiting for those words to ring true and it has finally happened. This past weekend they knocked off their arch nemesis, the Oklahoma Sooners. Dicker the Kicker booted the ball through the uprights to give the Longhorns their first win over the Sooners since 2015. That win put so much stress on Oklahoma they fired their defensive coordinator immediately. Every stripper in Texas on Saturday night got tipped extra for each lap dance Tom Herman got to celebrate a crucial win so early in his coaching career with the Longhorns. Oklahoma isn’t eliminated yet, but it’s not looking pretty for them with a fair number of elite teams remaining undefeated.

Tigers can’t survive in The Swamp. LSU was having a beautiful season before they came into the University of Florida on Saturday. Ohio State transfer, Joey Burrow, didn’t have enough to pull off the “W” against the hard nose Gators in a game that many seemed to see get overpowered by a dominant LSU defense. Burrows threw a late interception that was returned for a touchdown to put the game away and diminish a storybook season so far. The Tigers are definitely not eliminated, but they will have to bounce back this week at home verse the Georgia Bulldogs who are undefeated coming in very hot.

Mississippi State comes out and quiets the Auburn Tigers. The Bulldogs came out and shut down a very physical Tigers team winning 23-9. There is no way in hell a two-loss team gets into the College Football Playoff. I think they’re eliminated at this point especially being in the top conference. They would have to win out and take the SEC, but even then a one-loss Alabama would probably get the nod over them.

My top six as of right now:

#1 Alabama

#2 Ohio State

#3 Notre Dame

#4 Georgia

#5 Clemson

#6 WVU

Ultimately, I see Ohio State and Notre Dame win out. The winner of the SEC would get in and I believe WVU if they win the Big 12 will get the nod over Clemson who has played a horrible schedule.

NFL Top Ten Power Rankings: Week 6

In this weekly blog, we will keep an updated list of our Top 10 NFL teams based off power rankings. We will only do the top 10 because just like any other sport, if your team is not at the top, than who really gives a shit about you. Without further ado, here are our teams

Rams 4

1. L.A. Rams (5-0)

These Juggernaut Rams faced their first real test of the year in a thrilling 33-31 victory over the Seattle Seahawks. We saw Sean McVeigh make a gutsy call on 4th and 1 to see the game late and keep the undefeated record alive. It’s easy to say they didn’t look as great this week but Seattle is always a tough place to play regardless current status of the Seahawks. Only major concerns were the fact that their defense didn’t look great for a second straight week. Marcus Peters is either extremely hurt or just isn’t great anymore. Luckily Todd Gurley is a freak and the Rams should stay right at the top of these ranking for the rest of the Season.

Chiefs Logo

2. Kansas City Chiefs (5-0)

If Sundays 30-14 win over the Jaguars was Patrick Mahomes “coming back to earth” game than the rest of the league sure is in trouble. Sure the Jags looked like shit on offense but Kansas City proved they have what it takes to grind out a victory even when Mahomes isn’t on his A game. Chiefs defense still has a lot of questions surrounding it despite the fact Bortles threw 4 picks, he still was able to throw for 430 yds against them. Not something that makes you comfortable heading into a Sunday Night game in New England with Tom Brady looking to have all his weapons on offense back in the tool belt. The good news, Mahomes is primed to shred a New England secondary who continues to looks shaky.

Saints Logo

3. New Orleans Saints (4-1)

Tom Brady isn’t the only 40-year-old QB still playing at a high level. Drew Brees put on a phenomenal performance last night while breaking the passing yards record and ripping apart the Redskins on MNF. With Ingram back on offense the Saints now boast a two-headed monster of a backfield. The Defense has looked better the past two weeks and will need to continue that moving forward. But for a Saints team that has gotten off to some slow starts the past few seasons, starting out 4-1 is a scary thought for the rest of the NFC. Saints are most certainly marching.

Pats Logo

4. New England Patriots (3-2)

Just 2 weeks ago we were talking about how this Dynasty might actually be done for good this time. Now all of a sudden the Patriots seem to be rolling again with an offense that improves on a weekly basis. The Defense still has huge questions and will be tested to the max against a red-hot Chiefs team this Sunday night. I would expect this game to be a shootout and could be a preview of a future AFC championship game. Expect Gronk, Edelman and Gordon to have huge games against a Chiefs secondary that just let up 430 yds to the BOAT Blake Bortles. It seems like a forgone conclusion that the Patriots early season woes are in the rearview and a record 8th consecutive AFC championship game is in their future.


Jags Logo

5. Jacksonville Jaguars (3-2)

The Jaguars are one of the most up and down teams in the league, most of that rides on the success or failures on Blake Bortles. This Defense will continue to put them in situations to win but like I said earlier in the year they have to be able to score points in this modern-day NFL. Can Blake be a guy that puts up 30 pts per game? Not in this lifetime. They are still my favorites to win the AFC south but as the Chiefs showed in a 30-14 win these Jags need to find some consistent offense to be a team we can take as serious contenders.

Bengals Logo

6. Cincinnati Bengals (4-1) ▲▲

The Bengals looked to be back to the “Bungals” after falling behind 17-0 at home to the Dolphins Sunday. But then they did something we never expect to see happen from a Marvin Lewis led team. They led a massive comeback and scored 27 unanswered points to pull out a 27-17 win. That’s literally something you never would have imagined in your wildest dreams from a Bengals team. It proved something to me, and the rest of the NFL. It may just be true that this team is a legit contender and will be a favorite to win the AFC North this season.

Panthers Logo

7. Carolina Panthers (3-1)   ▲

The Panthers pulled out a hard-fought game against a fledgling Giants team thanks to a miraculous 63 yd kick by Graham Gano. While their defense looked spotty at times and allowed an almost death-bed ridden Eli Manning to resurrect from the grave, they did what this team seems to always do and that’s find a way to win. Cam didn’t look great and they struggled moving the ball consistently a majority of the day. Expect these Panthers to stay in this top 10 if the defensive side of the ball can get back to form.

Bears Logo

8. Chicago Bears (3-1)

The Chicago Bears where on a bye last week but due to the poor performances of other teams around the league were able to jump up. With the Rams defense not looking as great as we once thought it may be this Bears team with the best unit in the league. Even after Mitch Trubisky’s 6 TD performance against the Bucs’ in their last game I’m not sold on him as a true franchise QB. He may get their one day but he’s a middle of the pack QB at best right now. Bears have a very real chance to win the AFC north if they can continue the success they have had so far this season. The scary part is no matter how good this defense is, a lot of that will depend on Trubisky.

Vikings Logo


9. Minnesota Vikings (2-2-1)

The Vikings got a muchhh needed victory over the Eagles this past Sunday. Cousins looked sharp and their defense looked much improved compared to their performances thus far to start the season. It’s easy to forget with their shaky start that this was a pre season favorite to win the SB. I forsee them turning it around and will be battling the Bears for top dawg in the NFC North shortly.


Eagles Logo

10. Philadelphia Eagles (2-3)

The Super Bowl Champs are grasping for dear life to stay in this top ten. As much as I’ve continued to say this team will turn it around they have a brutal schedule coming up. In their next 9 games they play the Panthers, Jags, Saints and Rams. The other 5 games are NFC East opponents. The Eagles will need to turn it around quickly if they look to make it out of that gauntlet and look like a playoff team on the other side. The defense is not the unit it was last year especially on the back-end. If they can pull out a win against the Giants this Thursday it gives them 10 days to get healthy before their next game, something this battered team most desperately needs.


Hope you enjoyed, check back next week for an update to the Weekly Top Ten.


Jason Garrett NEEDS To Get FIRED

Last night we saw the Dallas Cowboys punt the ball in overtime on the Texans 42 yard line instead of going for it on 4th and 1 with possibly the best running back in the NFL in his backfield. The Cowboys played last night not to lose instead of as a team that was 2-2 with an opportunity to take a front seat in a peddling NFC East Division. It’s a game you cannot let slip away and that’s exactly what the Garrett lead Cowboys did.


Even owner Jerry Jones who has stood by Garrett in the past when calls for his job were made from the media and fans, stated to the media that he did not agree with the decision in that position. He would have liked to see Garrett roll the dice and go for it on that play instead of punting it to Deshaun Watson who led the eventual game winning drive in overtime for the second straight week.


Maybe Garrett was having flashbacks to last week where Frank Reich of the Colts had the balls to go for it on 4th down in overtime not getting it and watching Watson go right down the field in one play for the game winning field goal. Reich was called out for not being conservative and playing for the tie in that situation. The truth is I’d rather have Reich as my coach any day over a coward like Jason Garrett. Football is about bravado and having big balls, big sweaty hot balls (shout out UFC Fighter Derrick Lewis). The Colts might have lost that game but I’m sure Reich earned the respect of his players.

Either way its long overdue for the Cowboys to move on from Garrett. His career wins-loss record with the Cowboys is 65-55 including just a 1-2 record in the playoffs. He has never be someone credited with the success of turning an average team into a great one. On the contrary you could argue it’s the talent on that team that has carried his lousy ass to the playoffs in the past. Unless Jason Garrett knows where Jerry Jones is hiding the dead hookers than I think we can all agree this is the time to cut ties and move on. I know one guy that can help them keep their average record of 8-8 over the past 20 seasons. He’s available.

NFL: Los Angeles Rams Draft Party

College Football Week 6 Picks: Upset Week

We are off to another week of College Football and another chance to break .500 on the year for betting. The bright side is the spreads are becoming smaller and smaller, so the top ten teams are finally giving me a chance to pick legit games. On the year I am looking at a subpar 10-14-1 record. With one magical week I can look like a hero. So, without further ado I bring to you, my week six College Football picks.

#1 Alabama @ Arkansas-Saturday 12 PM

For the past two weeks I gave into the Crimson Tide and deemed them as Gods of the spread covering every game they’ve had. The past two weeks they have screwed me royally. Am I willing to go back to betting against them with their matchup verse the Razorbacks? Not a God Damn chance. I am going to continue to Roll Tide and lay down the 35 points given to me and pick Bama to come out big in this stellar SEC matchup of David vs. Goliath.

#19 Texas vs. #7 Oklahoma-Saturday 12 PM

Texas fans hate me at this point judging I have picked against Texas every week so far. How has that faired out for me well they’re 2-3 so far. You know who is tied with them at 2-3 this year, the Sooners. I have zero faith in the Sooners defense. It’s Red River Rivalry. Last year against a way better Sooners team the Longhorns kept it close losing by only five. I say it’s the same thing this year. Give me those seven points and I am going to Hook Em’. I am half tempted to even throw out the points and take the money line. I don’t believe “Texas is Back”, but I think they can get back on the right foot and shock the nation with a win.

Kansas @ #9 West Virginia- Saturday 12 PM

Have you ever been to Morgantown on a Saturday? There is a 100% chance you will be flashed and passed out drunk by the time the 3:30 games kickoff. I am going to lay down the 27.5 points being given to me and roll with Mountaineers. Will Grier lights up the defense and the scoreboard. Mountaineers are 4-0 this year ATS.

#4 Clemson @ Wake Forest- Saturday 3:30 PM

I remember not too long ago I stamped my name of approval on the Demon Deacons to cover at home verse Notre Dame. Boy was I wrong. The Demon Deacons are 1-4 ATS this year, but you know who is tied with them? The Clemson Tigers. Now there has been so much chatter about the Clemson team this year especially in relation to the College Football playoff. I have bashed them and bashed them and bashed them. I am going to ride with the Tigers this week to get to peak performance even with Trevor Lawrence coming off injury and lay down the 20.5 given to me. BUT if Trevor Lawrence is deemed not playing ride high with the Demon Deacons.

#5 LSU @ #22 Florida- Saturday 3:30 PM

This has upset potential written all over it. Gainesville, October, not the same Gators who fold all the time. Their one loss came at the hands of Kentucky who is having a monster truck year. The spread is 2.5 and that is a perfect spread for me. I am going to roll with the Gators. They’re 4-1 ATS this year. It’s going to be electric in Gainesville. The Tigers look ahead to Georgia next week and get upset at the Swamp.

Indiana @ #3 Ohio State- Saturday 4:00 PM

Buckeyes fans might remember what happened last year after they beat Penn State. Need a reminder it goes by the name of Iowa Hawkeyes. The spread is saying 26.5 points. I am going to go with the Buckeyes in the Shoe. Reason being Indiana is 1-4 ATS this year if the record was somewhat better I would go with the Hoosiers being the Buckeyes are beat up.

Vanderbilt @ #2 Georgia- Saturday 7:30 PM

Bulldogs cover the 27 point spread and get ready to take on LSU who will be hungry after they get upset by the Gators.

#8 Auburn vs. Mississippi State- Saturday 7:30 PM

Auburn has had a brutal schedule so far and its starting to show with their recent performances. This is a great SEC matchup against a very underrated opponent. I am going to roll with the Bulldogs. Side note is every team in the south named a Bulldog or a Tiger?

#10 Washington @ UCLA- Saturday 7:30 PM

LOL Washington covers the 21 point spread.

#6 Notre Dame vs. #24 Virginia Tech-Saturday 8:00 PM

What usually happens when the Irish are considered real contenders? They blow it. Hokie Nation loves me and I love them back. I am going to take the 7 points I am getting, I am going to take Va. Tech, and yes this is the week of all the damn upsets. I see potentially three or four going down and yes this is one of them. HOKIE NATION! Make me proud.

Rivalry Renewed, Yankees vs Red Sox ALDS

Ok, so admittedly just like a lot of you, I’m not a hugeee baseball fan until October rolls around and the games really mean something. It’s really not my fault though, Baseball has done probably the worst job of any of the Major Sports leagues in transitioning their sport and how its covered to align with the instant gratification millennials like myself. The seasons are too long, there isn’t enough action, and typically we know who is going to be in the playoffs or at least the marquee teams by the All Star Break. It all doesn’t make for a compelling regular season that can draw my attention like other leagues such as the NFL or NBA. Butttt that all changes come October, all it takes is for their to be one game that scratches my sports fan itch for compelling action and it typically happens in the newly formatted Wildcard games. There is so much pressure all packed into those games that it makes for must watch TV, and when I watched the Rockies vs Cubs game that went into extras on Tuesday night my Baseball fandom awoke from a deep slumber and will be awaken for at least the next month.

With the Yankees winning their wildcard game in convincing fashion last night it renewed maybe the biggest rivalry in all of sports, Red Sox vs Yankees. Believe it or not the last time these two teams matched up in the Playoffs was 2004. I thought that must have a typo when I first read it but it really has been 14 years, it speaks to why this rivalry has simmered over the last decade. You might remember that 2004 series, as a Sox fan I sure do, the Red Sox came back from down 3-0 in the ALCS and shocked the world by beating the Yankees in an unprecedented comeback that we will most likely never see again. The Sox went on to win their first World Series since 1918 and that Red Sox team will forever go down in Boston folklore as the team that finally ended their misery. All at the expense of those goddamn Yankees, which made it that much sweeter.

But that was then, and this is now. No one remains on either team from that 2004 series and the only place a true hatred still exists is in the hearts and mind of the respective teams hardcore fans. The casual millennial fan like myself still remembers that hatred but it never truly burned inside of me like it did for my parents generation that saw the Yankees crush our World Series dreams in countless postseasons over the years and be renown as the premier franchise in Baseball, while their Red Sox were always viewed as the loveable losers that always found a way to break their fans hearts.


This can ALLLL change however with one heated or closely contested playoff series and is why I am so g’damn excited for this series. The Sox have been the best team in baseball this year, but the Yankees may be the hottest team coming down the stretch. It has all the makings of a classic back and forth series that will have everyone on the edge of their seats and remind us why October baseball is some of the greatest live sporting events to partake in. I will certainly be dusting off my raggedy Red Sox cap and rocking that bitch daily here moving forward, along with talking shit to every single one of my Yankee fan friends all while acting like I’ve been invested in this team all season. I haven’t, but it doesn’t mean I don’t have the passion to see Boston remain as the city of Champions, a title it rightly deserves.


So let me just leave you with a little trash talk for those Yankees fans that might read this. Let me remind you again of 2004, Nomar was better than Jeter in their respective primes, Big Papi is the greatest player in the history of this rivalry and shit all over your highly touted reliever Mariano Rivera, Sox have won 3 titles since 2004 and the Yankees just 1 with cheating ass Arod, Fenway is the best ballpark in the history of baseball, the new Yankees Stadium is like fucking Disney World, designed for your team to have a billion Home Runs every year, and last but not least your still the evil empire and everyone still fucking hates you, THE YANKEES SUCK IS BACK!



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