Patriots vs. Colts: TNF Preview

Tonight in Foxborough we will see a contest of two teams looking to restore their respective positions among the NFL Landscape. For the Patriots a win can bring back that reminder of confidence and assurance to the rest of the league that they are still the team to beat in the AFC and that if you have dreams of making the Super Bowl in that conference that the road still travels through them. The Colts on the other hand are just looking to prove they are a team that can regain their spot among those contenders, with Andrew Luck at the helm they would like to show that they can beat anyone when they are firing on all cylinders.

Pats Colts

The Colts lost an overtime game at home last week to the Texans that they almost certainly should have at least tied. Head coach Frank Reich made a questionable call on 4th down in overtime and decided to go for it instead of punting and going for the tie. You can criticize Reich all you want, but it takes guts to make that call and if I’m a GM he’s the type of guy I want as my coach. I mean if they had of got that first down and the Colts were the one to kick a game winning field goal it would be the opposite narrative and he would be praised this week for having the cojones to make a call like that. Regardless the Colts will need a much better performance on both sides of the ball to think they can have a chance tonight in Foxborough. While Andrew Luck has looked back to his old self to the relief of most Colts fans, and although he will be missing his star WR T.Y. Hilton, he proved last week that he has the ability to find other weapons in this Colts offense such as Ryan Grant and Chester Rogers. Their defense on the other hand that looked shredded at times by Deshaun Watson and the Texans will need a huge turnaround in just 4 days if they expect to compete with the Patriots tonight who offensively look to be hitting their stride.


The Patriots coming off a 38-7 demolition of the Miami Dolphins will looked to continue that success tonight and will have the ability to go from 1-2 to 3-2 in a matter of five days, a turnaround that will no doubt have their haters that said the dynasty was over just last weekend more triggered than a PETA member at a backyard BBQ. The Pats’ offense looked much improved last week and with the addition of Julian Edelman returning tonight expect to see the well oiled machine that we are used to here to stay. I don’t think you can underestimate how crucial a solid slot receiver is to this Patriots offense. Since 2007, Brady has had Welker, Edelman and then Amendola last year in that role. That’s 10 straight seasons of highly productive slot receivers that enable Brady to get the ball out quick and efficiently, along with making it near impossible to double Gronk or any other receiver. I doubt we will see any signs of rust in terms of the connection with Brady and Edelman. If I know anything about these rule bending Patriots, than those two have most definitely been having covert op route running sessions in Brady’s underground lair during this entire suspension and will come out firing. Add along to that another week of Josh Gordon and Brady building chemistry like two high school lovebirds and we might soon be talking about how this is one of the more prolific offenses Brady has ever had pretty soon, a drastic turnaround from the team that might have been better off with the receiving core of the Foxborough High JV squad just 11 days ago against the Lions. The Patriots Defense completely stifled the Dolphins last week, but I’m still not sold on them overall as a unit and it seemed like the Dolphins didn’t take any of the lessons of how you can shred this defense with a quick and efficient passing attack. Andrew Luck is not Ryan Tannehill though, Luck will keep firing and playing well even if the Patriots get out to a big lead so expect this game to be more of a shootout than we saw last week when the Dolphins basically packed their bags to go back to Miami before halftime. I still feel extremely confident the Pats win at home again tonight but I wouldn’t be so confident about the -10 spread. I think the Colts may spoil that with some garbage time points.

Prediction: Patriots 33 Colts 27

NFL Top Ten Power Rankings: Week 5

In this weekly blog, we will keep an updated list of our Top 10 NFL teams based off power rankings. We will only do the top 10 because just like any other sport, if your team is not at the top, than who really gives a shit about you. Without further ado, here are our teams

Rams 4

1. L.A. Rams (4-0)

After a thrilling performance in what was maybe the best Thursday Night Football Game of all time the Rams stay atop this list for the third straight week. Jared Goff looked incredible throwing for 465 yds and 5 TD which enabled his top three wide-outs in Kupp, Cooks and Woods to each go for over 100 yds and a touchdown. It makes you think you should have drafted all Rams in your fantasy draft this year. Their defense didn’t look great on Thursday, but it shouldn’t matter because it will likely just lead to them winning shootouts every week. In this new age of not being able to hit QB’s or WRs we will see teams rack up points at a record pace. No team is better suited for that than these Rams.

Chiefs Logo

2. Kansas City Chiefs (4-0)

The Chiefs played in a tough Monday Night Matchup against their division rival Broncos last night and pulled out the 27-23 while overcoming a 10 point 4th quarter deficit. Not only did Mahomes have another spectacular game he showed leadership and the ability to deal with adversity that we had yet to see these Chiefs face so far this season. He is an absolute stud. The Farve comparisons where flying last night but I don’t think we’ll be seeing Pat Mahomey making any of the stupid decisions that the gunslinger used to make, its scary to think he’s just getting started. Chiefs defense continued to look bad again this week, eventually that will catch up to them along with Andy Reid’s inability to manage games down the stretch. But this team will no doubt be in the hunt all season long.

Jags Logo

3. Jacksonville Jaguars (3-1)

The Jaguars showed up this week after a dissapointing performance to the Titans the week prior. They pounded a young Jets team all game and reminded everyone that when this team puts it all together they are one of the most unstoppable forces in the league. Bortles transformed back into the butterfly he’s shown he’s capable of being on an infrequent basis but can he keep it up? This defense will carry this team but in this new style of NFL where we will be seeing higher and higher scores and more shootouts, will this Jags team be able to sustain one of those games? Especially if it comes in the playoffs? We will, see but for now they remain in the top 3.


Saints Logo

4. New Orleans Saints (3-1) ▲▲

The Saints proved they can win a big game outside the dome with a resounding 33-18 win over the New York Giants at Met Life Stadium. Kamara proved why he is the best dual threat running back in the league right now and shredded the Giants with over 180 total yds and 3 TD. The Saints looked much better on defense this week against a woeful Giants offense that can’t seem to get any real production from their studs in Beckham and Barkley. With Drew Brees at the helm I would look for this Saints team to remain atop the loaded NFC south.

Eagles Logo

5. Philadelphia Eagles (2-2)

Even after a disappointing overtime loss on the road the Eagles drop just one spot this week. Especially because it’s a game they really should have won if not for some poor play down the stretch that saw them give up two 4th down conversions on the game winning touchdown drive in OT. Wentz looked better this week but you can tell he’s still not really all there yet. I predicted it could be a few weeks before he’s performing at the MVP level we saw last season. It was the Eagles defense especially down the stretch that had many Birds’ fans losing their minds as Marcus Mariota looked to be having flashbacks to his Oregon Duck days. Regardless not surprising to see a slight Super Bowl hangover for the Eagles, I’m sure they will rebound just like this next team always does.


Pats Logo

6. New England Patriots (2-2)

Patriots fans across the country collectively took their fingers off the Panic button Sunday with resounding 38-7 victory over the AFC East foe Dolphins. The Patriots offense looked better and controlled the ball with rookie Running back Sony Michel leading the way for 112 yds and TD along with a 2 TD performance from James White. Josh Gordon even made a couple nice catches and silenced some of the haters that said he would never be able to make it in NE. Their defense made Tannehill and his speedy team look like the JV squad and I’m not sure if they even crossed the 50 before garbage time in the 4th. Brady looked better but not spectacular, it should help to have a fresh Julian Edelman back this week for a Thursday night matchup with the Colts. If Brady can find a way to get Edelman, Gordon and Gronk all going full tilt, expect this offense to be right near the top and the Patriots cementing their usual place in the top 3 of the Power Rankings moving forward.

Bengals Logo

7. Cincinnati Bengals (3-1) ▲▲▲

After a thrilling game this weekend in Atlanta the Bengals look to be for real. Historically the main concern of these Bengals teams is when the going gets tough they will lay down, and that Andy Dalton can throw them back into a game when they are down. Both of those assumptions were smashed Sunday when we saw Dalton orchestrate a last-minute drive and hit AJ Green for a last second touchdown play. They didn’t look great on defense against a high-powered Atlanta offense but then again who does, especially in that Dome. With controversial and psychopathic linebacker Vontaze Burfict returning this week from suspension, look for this defense to toughen up and the Bengals to be a real threat to win the AFC North.

Ravens Logo

8. Baltimore Ravens (3-1) ▲▲▲

The Ravens showed up big time Sunday night against a Steelers team that looks to be circling the drain. Joe Flacco and the offense were flinging the ball all over the field and the, Is Joe Flaco Elite question resurfaced once again. Bad news for them, he’s probably still not Elite. Good news, they have a really good football team and he basically just needs to not fuck up for them to compete in every game this season. Their defense really balled out and limited the high-powered Steeler offense to just 14 pts and made Ben Roethlisberger look like a guy who should have hung it up last season and go back to allegedly raping people. I foresee these Ravens and Bengals vying for the AFC North crown.

Panthers Logo

9. Carolina Panthers (2-1)  

Can’t knock the Panthers more than a spot considering they were on a bye week. If this team can stay healthy and keep their key guys on the field they will be contending in a loaded NFC south.

Titans Logo

10. Tennessee Titans (3-1) ▲▲▲

The Titans are another team I didn’t expect to be on this list all season. This is a very talented team that can possibly put it all together under first year Head Coach Mike Vrabel. He has them playing tough and with an attitude on both sides of the ball. He may be the first guy from the Bill Belichick coaching tree to have any real success. Mariota balled out on Sunday and led a drive to win the game in overtime that most people, including myself, didn’t think he was capable of. Vrabel will continue to make sure this defense is stout. Look out for these Titans as a sleeper in the AFC and even their own division with the Jags.

Honorable Mentions: Bears, Packers, Dolphins 

Hope you enjoyed, check back next week for an update to the Weekly Top Ten.



No Evaluation: Just Calling It How I See It

Well, folks, it took me a couple days to completely process what I wanted to say and how I wanted to say it. This past weekend I witnessed something unfold and realized a lot through such a short time so far this season, so I am going to break down that rather than replaying the games.

The Undefeated Scenario

Right now, at the present time, we have Alabama, Oklahoma, Georgia, Kentucky, UCF, NC State, Colorado, Cincinnati, Clemson, Ohio State, West Virginia, USF, LSU, and Notre Dame. Granted not all of those teams are going to be undefeated by the time the playoff committee has to come to a decision in the later part of the year. So, I am going to give you my speculation on the teams who will remain; Alabama, Oklahoma, Notre Dame, Ohio State, Clemson, and UCF if I had to pick a few. With that being said I see six teams there undefeated, but we can only take four? Alabama is in due to the eye test and that point would’ve beaten three top 10 teams, Oklahoma would have to be in also due to the number of ranked teams they would’ve beaten, Notre Dame has to get in because they beat Stanford, USC, Michigan, and Va. Tech and Ohio State would have to get in due to beating TCU and Penn State on the road and winning the second best conference in the country. That leaves out Clemson who two years ago won the title, has one of the best coaches in the country and would’ve done everything you asked them to do. The downside is they have the worst strength of schedule and would win the worst conference out of the Power Five. For the second straight year, you would tell UCF no, even though that would be two straight undefeated seasons and winning a New Year’s Six bowl against Auburn last year, all because they don’t have a tough schedule and they’re not a Power Five. That’s only one scenario. Let’s dive even deeper.

The One Loss Alabama Team

Now surely even if Alabama loses one game it shouldn’t diminish their chances at going to the College Football Playoff, right. Let’s look at that. Alabama has to play LSU on November 3rd and host Auburn on November 24th. What happens if they lose to LSU and LSU goes undefeated losing to Georgia in the SEC Championship? Are you then going to put Alabama in over LSU and another undefeated team? Let’s make it simpler. What happens if Alabama loses to Georgia in the SEC Championship, once again are you going to put Alabama in over an undefeated team. The only team that deserved to be in the playoff that actually got penalized for losing was the 2015 Ohio State Buckeyes and that’s not biased, I am pretty sure every human being that knows anything about football understands that potentially was one of the greatest college football teams ever.

The sad reality of all of this is the fact that if any other team loses one game and the rest are undefeated they’re immediately eliminated. Alabama, on the other hand, is God’s gift to Earth so this rule does and never will apply to them. Regardless, the system is flawed and still each year there is a controversy that makes the nation scratch their heads wondering who the true National Champion is. The committee needs to expand to eight teams, immediately. More money and the regular season will remain how it is. Nobody really plays anybody that isn’t in there conference anyways. With that format here is the matchups we would have (according to my top 8):

#1 Alabama vs. #8 West Virginia

#2 Ohio State vs. #7 LSU

#3 Notre Dame vs. #6 Clemson

#4 Georgia vs. #5 Oklahoma

Now also all of these teams won’t be in my top eight come season ends due to the fact they will play each other head to head, but you get my point. That’s exciting just looking at it. Hopefully, the committee will evaluate this and move forward in making this the norm.

Patriots Enable Their Fans to Keep Talking Shit For At Least 1 More Week

With a convincing 38-7 win over the 3-0 Miami Dolphins today in Foxborough the New England Patriots gave myself and many others a gleeful afternoon of football after a week of questions surrounding the team and whether this was the end of the dynasty. Obviously it is not the end, which is good news for me personally. As a Patriots fan I have been able to talk shit to pretty much every fan of any other team in the NFL for the past 18 years, (except for a couple, fuck you Giants and now Eagles fans) but this week I was having mini panic attacks thinking that this could be the time where the shit talking ends. People might start telling me my team sucks and before you know it I’ll have to agree with them because its true, sort of like being a Cleveland Browns or Jets fan.

You see I was 11 years old when the Patriots won their first Super Bowl in 2001, I’m old enough to remember they were not always good but not old enough that I can’t completely erase any memories of anything before Tom Brady. I mean the Patriots have been and elite franchise for 2/3 of my life. Them being good is really the only consistent thing I’ve had in my life. That’s why watching the Patriots demolish the fins in Foxborough today was so satisfying. It reminds me of my childhood, its like Grandma making you hot cocoa when you go to her house, just makes you feel better and that all is right in the world. It’s like knowing if your life falls apart you could always go home and Mommy would take you in and get you back on your feet. That’s what Brady and Gillette Stadium are to my Patriots fandom. They are my obnoxious NFL fan safe space. They got my back because they know I’m not ready to deal with 18 years worth of shit talking karma to blow up in my face.

I’m not dumb I know the Patriots will not be this great forever, just like Grandma won’t live forever either, (RIP Nana & Gma) but until that day Tom Brady and Bill Belichick will have my back and remind the league that don’t call this dynasty dead until they are 6 feet deep!

Full Recap to come LFG!



Photo Credit: The Boston Globe

NFL Week 4 Picks, Make Yo Self Some Money this Weekend!

Last week in the NFL was one of the wilder weeks in recent memory. It certainly wasn’t a great week for your boys here at Sportaholic Preposterous, especially for your boy Pauly Liacos. Either way, we will all be looking to bounce back heavy this week and this is our total records after last weeks stinker.

Bobby “the book” Jones & Hesh “the degenerate”: 8-8

Mikey Fabian : 8-8

Pauly Liacos: 6-10 😦 

Without further ado here are our picks for NFL Week 4


Texans (0-3) @ Colts (1-2): Sunday 1:00 PM ET – Line = Colts – 1 

It’s an AFC South matchup so we know this game will most likely be close. Andrew Luck has looked good to start the year, but the 0-3 Texans are due for a victory. Expect the first big game of the year for Deshaun Watson. The Book likes the Texans


Bills (1-2) @ Packers (1-1-1): Sunday 1:00 PM ET – Line = Packers -10 

Bills shocked the world last week by manhandling the Vikings who were heavy favorites going in. They were the biggest underdog to win by more than 7 points in the last 40 years. Packers are a much better home team though, Rodgers bounces back and Josh Allen plays like shit 3+ INTs, The Book likes the Packers to cover 


Bucs’ (2-1) @ Bears (2-1): Sunday 1:00 PM ET – Line = Bears -3

The Bears boast one of the top defensive units in the NFL and will face a Red Hot Bucs’ offense that looks to have Ryan Fitzmagic still starting. Will this be the game the clock officially strikes midnight on the NFL’s current cinderella story? The Book thinks so. He likes the Bears to cover. 


Dolphins (3-0) @ Patriots (1-2): Sunday 1:00 PM ET – Line = Patriots -7

Patriots have looked terrible thus far while the fins are 3-0 coming into this huge AFC East matchup. Brady is 129-24 lifetime at home. You can’t call the Patriots dead until someone kills them. The Book likes the Patriots to cover 


Lions @ Cowboys: Sunday 1:00 PM ET – Line = Cowboys -3

The Lions are coming off a resounding win over the Patriots and look to have confidence coming in. Dallas on the other hand can’t seem to move the ball on offense and we could see Jason Garrett on the hot seat if things continue. The Book likes the Lions 


Bengals @ Falcons: Sunday 1:00 PM ET – Line = Falcons -3.5

Both teams coming off tough losses last week. The Falcons will put up points at home and this game will be all about if the Bengals can keep up. AJ Green should play but will most likely not be 100%. The Book like the Falcons to Cover. Also hammer the Over


Jets (1-2) @ Jaguars (2-1): Sunday 1:00 PM ET – Line = Jaguars -7.5

Jags fell back to reality last week in a tough loss to the Titans. The AFC South is the worst division in terms of unpredictability, so we don’t expect that to happen again. The Jags defense will come to feast on Rookie Sam Darnold. The Book likes the Jags to cover 


Eagles (2-1) @ Titans (2-1): Sunday 1:00 PM ET – Line = Eagles -3.5

Both teams pulled out tough scrappy games last week. Mariota should be another week healthy and ready to make plays. Eagles defense will have something to say about that though. Wentz in his second week back will remind everyone why he was an MVP candidate last season. The Book likes the Eagles to cover.

Browns (1-1-1) @ Raiders (0-3): Sunday 4:05 PM ET – Line = Raiders -2.5

The Baker Mayfield era has begun and will bring newfound confidence to a talented Browns team. The Raiders look to be a team that can’t get out of their own way. Gruden has the Chucky face on most of the day. The Book likes the Browns. 


Seahawks (1-2) @ Cardinals (0-3): Sunday 4:05 PM ET – Line = Seahawks -3 

The Cardinals will start Rookie Josh Rosen this week. The good news for Rosen, Seattle’s defense doesn’t eat up young QB’s like they used to. The Seahawks aren’t a safe bet away from home and their 12th man. The Book likes the Cardinals 


Saints (2-1) @ Giants (1-2): Sunday 4:25 PM ET – Line = Saints -3

Saints looked spectacular last weeked in overtime win over Falcons, but they are historically good in domes and relativley average on the Road. Giants seem to be turning it around. Expect big games from Odell and Saquon Barkley against a soft Saints defense. The Book likes the Giants 


49ers @ Chargers: Sunday 4:25 PM – Line = Chargers -10.5

Are the 49ers hopeless without Jimmy G? CJ BeatHard might have a good pornstar name but does he have the goods to keep up with a Chargers team that will put up plenty of points against a pitiful Niners D? We don’t think so. The Book likes the Chargers to cover

Ravens (2-1) @ Steelers (1-1-1): Sunday 8:20 PM ET – Line = Steelers -3

Steelers seemed to bounce back last Monday after an ugly start to the season. They will face their perennial AFC North rivals in the Ravens this Sunday Night. Look for a rough and rugged game as per usual in these matchups. The Book likes the Ravens 

Chiefs (3-0) @ Broncos (2-1): Monday 8:15 PM ET – Line = Chiefs -4

Mahomes looks unstoppable, it’s hard to believe anyone in the NFL can slow him down right now. But Mile High is never an easy place to play for opposing Quarterbacks, just ask Tom Brady. It’s hard to believe but the Broncos could actually take the division lead in the AFC West with a win in this game. We don’t that will happen but it will be close. The Book likes the Broncos 

The Book’s Locks: Cardinals +3, Giants +3, Falcons -3.5

Parlay Play of the Week: ML Eagles, Browns, Jags, Patriots, Falcons 


Fabian’s Picks: Texans +1, Bills +10, Bears -3, Patriots -7, Cowboys -3, Bengals +3.5, Jags -7.5, Titans +3.5, Browns +2.5, Chargers -10.5, Seahawks -3, Giants +3, Steelers -3, Chiefs -4

Locks of the Week: Browns +2.5, Cowboys -3, Chiefs -4

Pauly Liacos’ Picks:  Colts -1, Bills +10, Bears -3, Patriots -7, Lions +3, Falcons -3.5, Jags -7.5, Eagles -3.5, Browns +2.5, 49ers +10.5, Cardinals +3, Saints +3, Ravens +3, Chiefs -4

Locks of the Week:  Browns +2.5 , Patriots -7, Chiefs -4 

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